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Sunday, September 24, 2023


Healthy food isn’t always synonymous with tasteless food

Just because you’re trying to slim down for Spring Break doesn’t mean that you have to cut all of your favorite foods out of your diet. In fact, you can still enjoy delicious meals if you take the time to prepare them a little differently. |

Baking or grilling can be a sure-fire way to trim down before Spring Break.

Normally when we think junk food, we think unhealthy food. Not true. There are ways to fight cravings with the food our bodies love to hate but we love to eat.

The secret to finding the healthiest way to cook your favorite all-American hearty foods is by using methods of preparation that incorporate the good with the bad. Just beware of the dressings, add-ons and cooking techniques that are bad for your health.

You’re a lean mean grilling machine

Instead of frying food, try grilling it. Not only is grilling a fun way to cook but it also packs flavors into your favorite “junk foods” without making them unhealthy.

We all love to make good juicy burgers, but instead of cooking them in a pan, try seasoning them with salt and then grilling them. Add some onions, tomatoes, lettuce and Swiss cheese on a whole-wheat bun to get a flavor-filled party in your mouth, without the grease.

Just because it’s called a burger doesn’t mean you have to use meat. Veggie burgers are a new healthy trend that has been receiving good acclaim from vegetarians around the globe. Don’t be afraid to treat a veggie burger with the same respect you would a hamburger. With all your favorite seasonings and toppings on a wheat bun it has the potential to be the best veggie burger you have ever eaten.

Don’t be afraid of salads

Some men complain that salads are not fulfilling, but for you guys with appetites the size of Texas, a chicken salad will surely suffice. Putting the grilled chicken on the salad is a healthy source of protein and it will not leave you feeling sluggish afterwards. Of course, it’s just as delicious if you replace the grilled chicken with turkey to switch things up a bit.

There is also a fun way to get your fruit intake. Drizzle some grapes and put mandarin oranges onto your salad to add color and make it a nutritious meal. However, try to limit the dressings and fatty add-ons that can contribute to unwanted calories.

Pop it in the oven

Favorite junk foods like bacon, french fries or chicken just got a little healthier. Sure it may be faster to pull out a pan and fry your food but if you plop it into the oven and add some veggies, it gives bad-for-your-health foods a better name. Tacos are a great example of how we can transform an unhealthy meal into a happy-nutritious treat for your taste buds. You can brown the meat in the oven. Once the meat is browned and the tacos are ready to be served, add your favorite veggies, like lettuce, tomatoes, cilantro, onions, peppers, fried oranges (something I like to add) and a small dollop of sour cream to top it all off. Remember, less is always best. Try adding less meat and more vegetables to make the meal filling and flavorful.

Fry if you must

Some people believe fried food and junk food go hand in hand. But fried food can have a place in a healthy diet. Proper frying can minimize oil absorption when set at a good-medium temperature. If you must add oil, substitute vegetable oil with olive oil. Most importantly, think small amounts. If you do decide to fry, don’t add too much oil. It is bad for you and can clog your arteries.

Drink it in

Contrary to popular belief, beverages can also fill up a healthy appetite. Protein shakes from GMC are low in calories and give you a boost of energy throughout the day. Stay away from sodas and try a new health drink called Fuze. Healthy drinks are not always popular because some lack flavor but Fuze proves those doubters wrong. It has a refreshing taste and offers a high source of calcium, vitamins and other nutrients.

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