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Saturday, December 2, 2023


First time’s a charm for Caney Creek Heroes

Upon picking up Caney Creek Heroes’ album, “Forgetting Yesterday,” one can’t help but be immediately attracted to the cartoon artwork on the cover.

It was drawn by vocalist Nick Fisher; other members of CCH include Sebastien Fisher, David Fisher, Ivan Cagle and Shuja Yasin.

Their sound is a unique mix of punk rock with a hint of hardcore.

The album begins with a lovely melody that introduces pop-punk guitar riffs, which set the tone and lead into the second song on the album, “Inside You”. The lyrics are strong, and their faith is unabashedly brought to the forefront passionately.

“Sleepless Night” changes the mood a bit when the vocals come in with the traditional ‘90s punk sound that continues into the chorus.

The hardcore guitar chords creep in during transitions, keeping the listener on his or her toes and breaking the nostalgic tone.

Skipping ahead, “Forgive” boasts a quirky chorus, synth-choir background and is a unique addition to the album. The message of love and forgiveness shines throughout the lyrics and melody. This leads to the upbeat track, “Jack.” One of the best features of this track is the keys that pound out a beautiful melody; coming in at a close second were the guitar riffs in the background.

The nostalgic punk sound returns in “The Princess and the Pauper,” which is most notable in Nick Fisher’s vocals and the guitar’s melodic intro.

The cliché of the dorky guy wanting the princess is told through a musical narrative that fits well with the punk tone of the song. A hardcore scream that surprisingly fit well within the track left the song with an open-ended feeling.

“Forgetting Yesterday,” the album’s namesake, certainly did not disappoint. The message of forgetting the past and looking toward the future along with the synth choir gives the track a hopeful tone.

The last track on the album, “Thousand Dream” opens acoustically and swells into a dramatic band entrance. The acoustic break is a calm refreshing sound that is mixed well with the spoken word.

The message of needing something more than ourselves is the heart of this song — and perhaps even the entire album; it was a great ending track.

Caney Creek Heroes return to the UC-Satellite today to promote their show at Fitzgerald’s on Sunday.

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