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Saturday, September 23, 2023


Beer class leaves student interest brewing

This is a conversation that I overheard the other day while walking through one of the science buildings last week.

“This beer is going to have to be perfect if we want to get the highest grade on the mid term.”

“Yeah, one of the other classes has a pale ale that is supposed to be ridiculously good.”

Okay, I made that conversation up, but could you imagine if it were real?

The students at Appalachian State University may not be too far away from hearing their student peers discuss similar matters.

A new honors course has been added to the University’s chemistry program. The course is called intro to beer brewing, according to an NPR report.

According to the report by Steve Inskeep, when the professor came up with the idea “his department chair and other faculty members didn’t think he was serious. You can’t be serious. Teaching college kids how to make their own beer?”

The professors, department chair and fellow professors uncertainty was soon quelled by the amount of interest from students. Since then there has been talk of beer brewing developing into an actual major, and even the possibility for a campus brewery.

Think about that. In addition to the Den, UH could have its own brewery. You could certainly find me there — maybe even in the process of getting a second degree — supporting the students and tasting the school spirit.

With the growing interest in craft beer and the already evident popularity of beer among college students, this may be a brilliant idea. Students could learn an applied view of science, responsible drinking and a popular science that could have great business potential. Additional classes could include beer economics.

Appalachian State University officials are now looking into acquiring the federal and state licenses to sell beer, according to the NPR report. Cheers to the professors and school officials of Appalachian State, who see the proverbial glass full of opportunities and beer.

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