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Friday, September 29, 2023

Student Government

SGA president travels to Austin for UH students


UH’s student leader isn’t just asking you to sign a petition; he’s also taking the fight against the upcoming budget cuts directly to the State Capitol.

In a letter dated Feb. 16, Prince Wilson, president of UH’s Student Government Association, highlighted the effects budget cuts would have on the UH community.

“We are already facing fiscal issues due to the current state of the economy and it is not acceptable for the state to reduce our source of funding,” Wilson said in the letter. “Our tuition will rise dramatically, important courses will be eliminated, student services will be reduced and many more significant factors of our education will be either completely removed or will face a reduction.”

Wilson has also stressed the additional cuts that are unaccounted for in the estimated cuts to financial aid.

The House and Senate budgets both propose eliminating the TEXAS Grant program, which helps many first-time students pay for college.

UH is expected to lose up to $65 million for the biennium — and this excludes the TEXAS Grant cuts, which account for $19 million per year, Wilson said.

“These cuts will affect the majority of our students who are struggling really hard to earn an education in the midst of this tough economic situation,” Wilson said.

In response, Wilson invited the community to sign ‘Texans Against Higher Education Budget Cuts,’ an online petition created for the cause.

“It’s crucial that we as students stand together to say ‘no’ to these budget cuts,” he said.

On Feb. 2, Wilson took the first of several anticipated trips to Austin for educational sessions with representatives from Houston and Harris County.

“The SGA will make several trips to Austin in upcoming weeks to meet with state legislators, and will fight for the future of Texas,” Wilson said. “We have to unite as one voice in the state of Texas and say ‘no’ to these budget cuts.”

During his trip to Austin, Wilson met with state senators Rodney Ellis and John Whitmire.

He also met with the staffs of senators Dan Patrick, Judith Zaffirini, Steve Ogden and Mario Gallegos.

For more information on the UH budget crisis, visit To sign the petition, go to SGA’s website at


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