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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Staff Editorial

This spring break, please don’t be ‘that guy’

Friends, Cougars, countrymen, lend us your ears; we have come to speak about Spring Break. It is a great time to escape the grind and recharge your batteries — or just wear them out further, depending upon what your schedule entails. Either way, we urge you to “not be that guy” during your week away from campus.

Please do not be the kid that falls off of the sea wall, or drives his/her car into a train or urinates on a cop car. These just are not things to do in front of people.

We condone and encourage some well deserved partying, but please be responsible about it.

Hard as it might be, please put your pride aside when you imbibe. Your friends are looking out for you — most of the time — and listening to them is usually a good idea.

The hardest thing to do when intoxicated might be to see the big picture. Immediate desires and needs take over.

“I need to drive home right now,” or “I really need to pee. How about that cop car?”

These are not the best ideas. If your friends try to dissuade you, it is probably for good reason. Allow your friends to drive you home.

Your car will still be there in the morning.

Is it not more important to get home in one piece and without a DWI? You can also always crash, wherever you might be.

Sometimes it isn’t worth it. Big picture, people — should you drive home intoxicated, or swallow your pride?

Do designated drivers seem lame? Sure, the idea doesn’t pack much machismo. It admits defeat, but get over it and show some humility.

Aside from getting a degree and having one too many hangovers, students usually leave college having evolved from teenagers into adults. It’s decisions like these that are a real indicator of progress in that transition.

It might seem like a good idea in your drunken state, but please don’t be “that guy.”

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