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Monday, December 4, 2023


Guns on-campus don’t make any sense

Do you think that Texas College students and Professors should be allowed to carry a concealed weapon around campus?

Many supporters of these proposals may say it should be allowed to help prevent future shootings on school campuses that we have seen in the past.

Or that it would be great for self-defense. They think that carrying a concealed weapon around school will somehow make it safer, and will argue that it’s a “guns right” issue.

Many who are against these proposals know and fear that allowing guns on campus is extremely dangerous.

All students know that college campuses are not safe no matter how much security there are. Everyone receives the emails where someone is robbed, or sexually assaulted.

Do you think that carrying a weapon is going to magically stop these acts from happening?

It could only make matters worse. Who’s to say that student A would or would not pull out there gun as a joke and it accidentally fires off and someone across the yard gets hit.

Who’s to say student B receives a failing grade and pulls there gun on to their teacher to change their grade.

Who’s to say that student A and B leave The Den and get into a brawl and pulls their guns out, shooting each other. All of these scenarios could in fact happen.

Allowing guns on campus could lead to a rise in suicide attempts and many confrontations.

Personally, I fear that someone will pull out their handgun just to get there own way or to win a dispute.

There are a lot of irresponsible people that really do not need to be bringing concealed weapons on campus.

A Republican Rep. Joe Driver who is filing this bill explained that he is not encouraging students to go out and become a licensed weapon holder, but to encourage students to protect themselves. So basically he’s saying guns are the only way to protect us on campus!

The question and answers to this issue should be in the campuses hand, to make the safest decision keeping both sides in mind but also keeping all scenarios open.

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