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Monday, October 2, 2023

Staff Editorial

Pageant administration ludicrous in demands

Bullies never really grow out of it, and pageant officials in San Antonio are living proof of that.

This was apparent on Thursday in the reaction from officials when a judge ruled against them and reinstated Domonique Ramirez as Miss San Antonio.

“It’s a sad day for us. We think the judge and jury made a huge mistake,” Linda Woods, the director of the pageant, is quoted saying in an Associated Press article. “It’s an injustice for the city of San Antonio, it allows young kids to breach contracts and violate authority without any consequences … It sends the wrong message.”

Yeah, some might say that this is just a pageant and not really that big of a deal, but to Ramirez it is, as it is to many girls who have to deal with body issues and what other girls — and apparently grown women — think of them.

According to Ramirez, Woods and pageant officials were never really interested in breached contracts or violated authority — it was about her weight. She alleges that officials told her weeks before they stripped her of her crown to “get off the tacos.”

According to the article, pageant officials stated in court that she “showed up to a bikini photo shoot overweight and made pictures ‘unusable.’”

Whether she was eating tacos or not is not the point, she was not obese. Ramirez is 17-years old and a size 2.

And now, rather than back down and apologize for the wrong and distasteful manner in which they handled the situation, officials are now threatening to not represent Ramirez in her bids for Miss Texas and Miss America.

They are, in essence, continuing to breach the contract they signed with Ramirez, something the jury already found them guilty of.

“I’m sorry, there’s no way I would represent her as talent. She’s trouble,” Woods is quoted.

This was a complicated case, and no official word was given as far as the “tacos” statement was concerned, but for Woods and pageant officials to continue to insist that a size 2 teenager is “unusable” and “trouble” shows their bullying mentality.

This victory is one that should be celebrated by all girls who aren’t a size 0 — which is the majority.

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