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Tuesday, October 3, 2023


Performance, changes focus of meeting

A Student Publications Committee meeting Thursday outlined the current performances of student publications and money saving tips to deal with proposed budget cuts to the University’s state funding.

The Student Publications department discussed ways they have saved money, as well as ideas to save more money. Reducing printing and distribution costs were some ideas proposed during the meeting.

According to the official meeting agenda, the annual cost to produce The Daily Cougar is almost $194,000 with UH Printing and Postal. However, by switching over to Southeast Media Printing, the annual cost will change to $143,100, a difference of more than $50,000.

Plans to cease printed versions of Friday editions of The Daily Cougar were also discussed.

A vote has been scheduled for later in the semester. Should the change be approved, the publication would switch to being strictly online for the day.

Advertising Manager Delores Crawford said, “there are such few students on campus on Fridays,” as a reason for the possible changes.

Notes on the agenda read that “eliminating the Friday publication and switching printers to Southeast Media could save as much as $70,000 to $80,000 from our current printing product.”

Financial Coordinator Candy Littleton said Student Publications has managed to save $146,000 this year.

“Utilities are down by 50 percent. If everything goes well, our expenses will be down by $179,000 by the end of the year,” Littleton said.

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs David Small said a new plan needs to be developed as the University enters a new fiscal year.

“Advertising is down, we’re down by about $40,000,” Small said. “We have to find ways to cut costs. Numbers in advertising are down significantly.”

Jack Wehman, editor-in-chief of The Daily Cougar said, “March has been the most successful month for The Daily Cougar. We’ve seen more comments on the website and the paper has been doing great.”

Houstonian editor Patricia Estrada provided updates on the yearbook, stating that only 14 of 300 student organizations have sent in materials for inclusion in the Houstonian.

“Some have said they are interested but have not sent in their materials yet. We have also spread awareness of the yearbook.”

The Student Publications Committee is charged with approving budgets, student salary commissions, contracts, advertising rates, subscription rates, financial reports and editorial and advertising policies.

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