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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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Sushi done right at Japanese eatery

Sashimi is a Japanese delicacy that consists of slices of raw fish served with dipping sauces. Strong-swimming fish like tuna are best served this way because there is very little fat content in the fish. |

In this day and age, sushi is a food that has been reinvented, Americanized, Spanish-infused and over-done a million times and counting — so it goes without saying that it is difficult for a restaurant centered around sushi to thrive and surpass all others.

Located in the Fountains shopping center in Stafford, Tao has been serving up some of the freshest low-cost sushi in the area combined with excellent service.

For the sushi-holics, what makes the biggest impression is the low price and high quality of the seafood — something I always keep an eye out for.

I chose this place because it only serves sushi, asI have never been a big fan of Hibachi-style dining. A chef flipping knives and lighting fires can only stay entertaining for so long, and I have yet to have food prepared at a hibachi where it doesn’t taste like takeout. For me, it’s an overpriced distraction at best.

Tao prepares a mean Monk Fish liver, a dish that is considered to be the foie gras of the sea. I had never had it before and most places that serve it require a reservation, and are only found on the west coast.

The liver’s high fat content gives the organ a soft cheese texture with a slight taste of the ocean. With a touch of light soy sauce, each bite is simply sublime.

To follow the liver, I had a sashimi of white tuna. At first glance it looks like slivers of coconut flesh, but after the first bite there is no doubt that this is high quality fish.

With strong-swimming fish like tuna, the less you cook it the more tender it will be because it has very little of the fat that would normally add moisture. Because of this, serving this type of fish raw is the best way to enjoy it.

The last menu item was the sea urchin roe roll, consisting of poached sea urchin egg sacks over rice.

For those with pallets that aren’t too adventurous, this is not the most friendly dish.

Sea urchin roe has a light brown color, with a very light briny flavor and very soft texture, almost like a runny egg. This might not be my favorite roll of all time, but it’s certainly not the worst.

To end any sushi massacre, there is only one dessert I can think of: a large scoop of deep fried green tea ice cream.

I know it may seem childish, and for those trying to keep a diet it could mean breaking the bank, but I like it — nothing beats fried ice cream.

Tao is definitely a place to visit often. Though it may not an everyday lunch spot, it’s perfect for a night out with a special someone when you want a reasonable price.

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