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Friday, September 29, 2023


Summer money still on hold

As the spring semester ends, students who are taking classes in the summer have yet to receive notice from the Financial Aid office as to when summer aid will be available.

Public relations senior Avital Goldfin-Wald said that she was waiting patiently for summer financial aid to be ready.

“I am taking two classes this summer and my first one starts May 31,” Goldfin-Wald said. “I don’t necessarily think they’re making us wait for financial aid, they just want us to register first and be enrolled before we apply for financial aid. That makes sense to me.”

Goldfin-Wald, who tried to apply for summer aid at the beginning of April, was given a flier that explained the situation.

According to the flier, “Summer aid applications are currently not available, but a campus wide email will be sent out … once it is available online. Please note that you may only turn in a summer aid application after you have enrolled in all of your classes.”

Though Goldfin-Wald has already enrolled, she still hasn’t been allowed to send in a summer application.

Goldfin-Wald said that when she asked a Welcome Center employee at the front desk when the email would be sent out to all students, the individual said they had no clue and they gave her the flier.

“They really had no idea about anything,” Goldfin-Wald said.

To avoid this summer aid dilemma, some students, such public relations senior Melissa Hayes, decided to go another route to pay for summer classes.

“I took money from my financial aid from the spring,” Hayes said. “I used left over money from my grant, unsubsidized and subsidized loans.”

Wald explains that she feels frustrated not knowing when she will receive the email.

“I think the whole situation with financial aid for the summer is messed up and it needs to be fixed,” Wald said.

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