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Monday, September 25, 2023

Letters to the Editor

Re: Perry needs to evolve

Emily, I agree that religion has no place in school. And I am not a fan of Rick Perry but I do not agree that he, or anyone else who believes in creationism, is stupid for trying to fight the teaching of evolution.

Yes, faith is a most personal matter and has no place in a classroom but those who believe in intelligent design have the freedom to do so.

Freedom of religion is in the Bill of Rights is it not? And the same freedom of religion is also what allows people to believe in evolution if they choose.

Too many people are criticized and questioned about their faith.

I’m sure everyone who watched the video of Perry talking to the little boy in New Hampshire noticed how the boy’s mother was using him more or less to criticize Perry for his beliefs.

Emily, dont join in on the criticism. I agree that his view of teaching intelligent design in school is wrong but you cant claim that ‘Perry needs to evolve.’

I think your article is good and you are obviously knowledgable about the topic but in the future I would focus more on the political matters (the seperation of church and state and why that means that religion should be seperate from public schools) than on evolution versus creationism.

I know this is the Opinion section of the school paper but in politics when you start including your personal feelings in your writing (you obviously believe in evolution over creationism, which is fine because you have the freedom to believe in whatever you want) it starts to take away from the real argument, which is whether or not intelligent design belongs in public schools.

And obviously because of our religious freedom, which seperates the church and state, the answer is no.

Religious teachings belong at home or church/synagogue/temple/… because of our freedom to choose to believe or not believe in them, not because evolution is fact or theory.

Again, I want to stress that I agree with you that religion does not belong in the classroom.

Religion is a hard topic to touch without including personal feelings and I applaud you for taking it head on.

Just be careful not to attack a group of people for beliefs that are protected by basic rights, stick with the core of the argument.

P.S. Please do not think that I am attacking you.

I think you’re brave for writing about such a touchy topic. Anyways I wish you the best and look forward to reading more of your articles to come.

Zachary Tews is a UH student.


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