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Saturday, June 25, 2022


How do you feel about the death penalty?

Yendi Cantu, Health Education Senior“In my opinion, I think the death penalty is pretty bad. I know a person did something wrong, but I feel like it’s better for a person to live a life sentence than actually kill someone because a person can have that on their conscience and be remorsed by it.” — Yendi Cantu, Health Education Senior

Stephanie Reyes, Petroleum Engineering Sophomore“I think it’s fair. If you want to take someone else’s life, you should pay the same cost.”  — Stephanie Reyes, Petroleum Engineering Sophomore

Mattie Lewis, Bilingual Elementary Education Sophomore“I think it’s something wrong because you can’t be 100 percent sure that someone is guilty… There are people on death row who will be on it for years and years and years. They’re just sitting there in prison, and if they’re just gonna sit there, just give them life in prison.”   — Mattie Lewis, Bilingual Elementary Education Sophomore

Joseph Fuess, Mathematics Junior“As a general rule, I’m against just because it can’t be undone… It seems to me if there’s even a question about a man’s guilt or innocence, the death penalty should not even be an outlet for punishment.” — Joseph Fuess, Mathematics Junior

Brandon Balwant, Biology Junior“The death penalty is not a logical option for punishing criminals. It’s really taking an eye for an eye. We’re in the 21st century. Killing people based on situational factors you may or may not know is really just barbaric in my opinion.”   — Brandon Balwant, Biology Junior

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