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Friday, September 29, 2023

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Architecture college adds interior design

With the recent addition of an undergraduate interior architecture program, students enrolled in the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture have another way to master their craft as they pursue a degree.

Serving as director of the newly-established program is Gregory Marinic, a former instructor at Pratt Institute.

The head of a self-established architectural design team known as Arquipelago, Marinic said he believes the interior architecture program utilizes multiple skills pertaining to architecture, such as decorative arts and the preservation of historic buildings.

While access to these abilities requires knowledge and attention to detail, Marinic emphasizes the importance of cohesiveness in all projects, a key concept that serves as a component of many successfully completed interior designs.

“Interior architects must acquire a broad awareness that considers the social, spatial, structural and performance opportunities of intervening within existing buildings,” Marinic said. “Students will participate in studios that will enrich the experience by connecting them with the real-world collaboration that is inherent to the design disciplines.”

The studios have a wide scope, filled with every tool that architects and designers will need in order to bring their projects to life. Students will be able to get hands-on with materials and will use digital media for their research as they build models.

According to Marinic, extended use of these tools can heighten a student’s likelihood to land a job where the need expertise in interior architecture is rapidly growing.

“Interior architecture is an expanding field that needs specialists, and our University is one of the few schools in the United States that offers a degree in interior architecture,” Marinic said.

“Our students will certainly be in demand not only here in Houston, but beyond the region and around the world, and they will be well-prepared upon graduation to continue their studies for advanced degrees in architecture, interior architecture, interior design, and industrial design.”

With the interior architecture degree being listed alongside other undergraduate programs and with its recent start-up this semester, the level of designs are expected to soar, invigorating interior concepts and transforming the way people get a feel for each room inside a building.

For Marinic, he is eager to share his wisdom and experience with students in the program in hopes that they can develop the work ethic that it takes to hone their skills and create rewarding designs.

“After nearly 20 years of professional practice, I have come to learn that the design disciplines require a remarkable level of resilience and endurance,” Marinic said. “Consequently, I am fully dedicated to helping our students build a broad-based, internationally engaged, and adaptable awareness that serves those needs.

“I continually explore opportunities to publish the output of my studios and students and I am committed to guiding them toward future success in this profession.”


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