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Friday, September 29, 2023

Letters to the Editor

Texas Open Beach Law keeps beaches out of wealthy hands

The Californian woman’s suit to overturn Texas’ Open Beach Law (after Hurricane Ike left her Galveston beach house in the middle of the beach) is coming back up for consideration before the Texas Supreme Court. Although the Court originally ruled in her favor, the public outcry was such that the Court is now reviewing the case.

What we need to ask ourselves is if we really believe in open beaches. Or do we think the vast majority of our water-front properties should be in private hands with no trespassers — translation, the public — allowed?

Make no mistake about it. If we allow this law to be overturned, it will be no time at all before only the very wealthy will control most of our beaches.

True, there will be a few public beaches here and there, but for the most part, we will become like California or the East Coast, where miles and miles of on-the-beach hotels and private homes have restricted access.

There is only “X” amount of waterfront property available.

If you have an opinion, let the Texas Supreme Court know NOW at:

Texas Supreme Court
P. O. Box 12248
Austin, TX 78711-2248

If you don’t speak up now — and encourage others to speak up — don’t complain later when you no longer have access to the beach areas you enjoy.

— Brenda Beust Smith, UH alumna


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