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Friday, April 20, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Burglary of friend’s car makes me feel unsafe

I recently wrote an email to the UHDPS regarding campus safety because I feel like there’s not enough safety on campus.

There have been added fees to our student fee bills this year, yet there are still as many car and apartment break-ins as ever.

Our security people are not doing enough, and I want my voice heard.

I refuse to keep quiet anymore because I am now personally affected as a victim, and our security officers are not doing all they can do. I’m completely disappointed.

On Friday night, my friend’s car was broken into; the passenger window was smashed.

He parked his car between the Csite and the UC, which is a safe place, being that there’s always security carts patrolling around, and there’s usually police SUVs camping out by the Hilton.

However, someone still managed to break into his car, and he has one of the newer Camry models with thicker glass that should make it difficult to smash with a rock.

Regardless of the item that was used in the burglary, the sound of glass should have been loud enough to attract attention, or at least be heard by someone.

The overall damage must have taken at least 30 minutes. Several personal items were stolen, including my car, house and apartment keys — which I’m struggling to recover.

A police officer was found thereafter, and files were reported. But in the midst of it, two security carts managed to pass by during the hour-long procedure, so it puzzles me to know where they were when the crime was taking place.

For this sole reason, I feel unsafe.

There’s no reason why a student who parks their car near the library, right under a light post, should have their car broken into.

This is unacceptable on a Tier One campus, especially when most security officers are based in the area where my friend parked his car.

— Sally Enemchukwu, biology major

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