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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Staff Editorial

Judge who beat daughter should be punished

A Texas judge is in trouble after a video of him allegedly beating his teenage daughter was posted on YouTube. The video, posted by daughter Hillary Adams, allegedly shows County Court-at-Law Judge William Adams cursing, screaming and whipping the then-16-year-old girl repeatedly.

According to Hillary Adams, the video is seven years old. And in a statement made to KRIS-TV, Hillary says that she wants her father to seek help.

William Adams, a Rockport resident, confirmed that he was the person in the video and told KRIS that “I have not done anything wrong other than discipline my child” and that “my life’s been made very difficult over this child.”

The video shows Hillary’s mother and Adams being verbally abusive, and Adams excessively beating his daughter with a belt. Hillary was beaten because she had downloaded games and multimedia content on the family computer — something apparently forbidden in the Adams household.

“Obviously it is a very disturbing video. We in my office as well as everyone on earth is taking a look at it, at this time,” said Aransas County Attorney Richard Bianchi to the Express-News.

We at The Daily Cougar are not experts in parenting; however, recorded footage of a government official issuing excessive corporal punishment to a defenseless child is disturbing.

Even if the incident happened more than five years ago, that should not take away of the severity of Adams’ actions.

Some may argue this is a case of an abused child seeking revenge against her father by sabotaging his career — others may say it is a legitimate cry for help.

Regardless of why the video was posted and heavily circulated on the Internet, Adams deserves some type of punishment.

There are some who would argue that spanking is an appropriate way of disciplining a child, but those who do usually are not captured on camera. This video shows a man who is in charge of delivering justice administering something far from that.


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