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Thursday, October 5, 2023

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Horoscopes: Take time to share the love this week

We are entering the toughest time of year, with less sunshine to bolster us when we’re weighed down. The season’s changes do affect us, so taking a moment to say hello and give a hug can change the world, as we are all aware.



Halfway through your sun sign and well on our way to winter, the clock turned back to give us a little more night time without sunshine — hibernation season is officially open.



Watch for a raised amount of emotion this week in your communications, and enjoy the chance to revel in romance.



Pluto is still transiting your sun sign and will continue to do so for a long time. This is the chance for your inner voice to speak up when you witness an injustice, even if it’s seeing someone littering.



Take a moment this week to spend some quiet time with someone you care about and for whom you’re thankful, especially as Friday is Remembrance Day. You’ll walk away feeling good.



Chiron continues in your sign, removing the covers on our weaknesses and pains and allowing fresh air and sunshine to help heal us. Our knowledge of hurt allows us to be good friends to those who need a hand.



The moon is in your sign at the beginning of the week. Beware of sensitivities, especially with family and loved ones, which can bring separation from misunderstanding. Step back, breathe, then try again.



With Jupiter in your sign, everyone’s slowing down and considering the wisdom of your best qualities: slow, thoughtful movement and decisions and taking value in well-made, useful objects. This is a good time to make a Christmas list.



Your sun sign isn’t burdened by any particularly influence at the moment, but the moon will be entering your sign at the end of the week. Beware of quick judgment.



With your sun sign enjoying a respite without visitors, perhaps you should use the time to pamper yourself a bit. You deserve it this week.



With Mars in your sign, it’s good to consider that while the planet can represent destabilization through animosity, there is also the idea that military power can create a peaceful existence.



With the absence of planetary visitors in your sign, this is the perfect time to offer objective and constructive advice to those who ask for it.



You might feel burdened by a workload and other very serious concerns atypical for your day-to-day. This is a good opportunity to review what needs revision and to get a good head start.

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