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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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It’s a Sign: gifting made easy this season

With the holidays coming up, it makes sense to draft a basic game-plan for what you’ll get your friends and loved ones. To mix it up, we’ll make it according to sign. Since we just entered Sagittarius and we’ll spend most of the holiday season with the beloved Centaur, I’ll start there.



The obvious option would be a bow and a set of arrows. These centaurs are famous for their love of archery and all things outdoorsy. For instance, a Leatherman multi-tool or a watch with all kinds of gadgets are great ideas.



Capricorns are universal when it comes to buying gifts whether it be for a guy or a gal. Consider a nice, insulated French press and a pound of beans from an independent roaster or perhaps a hand-knit hat with ear flaps.



I recommend a thoughtful gift — something from the heart. Choose something they’ll use regularly as a reminder of how loved they are.



A knitted scarf will work well. Or maybe you’d buy a new pair of their favorite — and probably worn-out -— old shoes. A stocking stuffed with pens and pocket notebooks would be useful for these fishes.



Anything unique and hardy will work well. Aries are scatterbrained — help them find a way to fix that.



Taurean friends enjoy making things. Consider a woodworking book or a seriously good cookbook.



Buying gifts for Geminis is always fun. Anything nostalgic will do. A set of coasters made out of old nautical maps, or a weather gauge to sit on their desk would be great. Whatever your Gemini loves to travel in, think of some great knickknack for him or her and make a gift with that theme.



Cancers are always concerned with their homes and being great hosts. Anything to spruce up their kitchen, like a new chef’s knife or a hand-made apron will absolutely hit the spot.



For these firebrands, an addition to their wardrobe is ideal. A well-made and long-lasting handbag or a swell pair of leather gloves will delight any warm-hearted lion.



These types are particular, and they delight in things that require critical thought. A puzzle or book of riddles would suit a Virgo.



Whatever is beautiful, useful, complimentary and flattering will work. Whether they want a new set of wine glasses or a well-made watch, these class-acts are always on the lookout for a functional and gorgeous gift.



This is the kind of person who appreciates a fine scotch, a selection of locally-brewed dark beers or a few new e-book on the political state of the modern era. Better yet, get a book on his or her favorite president.

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