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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Staff Editorial

Aggie tries to change outdated tradition

Texas A&M is a university that prides itself on its traditions, many of which have existed with little change since the founding of their university. Samantha Ketcham, a senior at A&M, wants to radically change one of those traditions.

Ketcham is campaigning to become one of A&M’s senior yell leaders. Yell leaders have been a tradition at A&M for 105 years. As a third-generation Aggie, Ketcham seems to be an ideal candidate for the position. The only problem with her campaign is that A&M’s yell leaders have always been male.

Although female Aggies have run for the position in the past, they have never received enough votes to change the all-male tradition.

Ketcham told The Eagle that students at A&M should try to elect yell leaders that are representative of their student body.

“I think it would show the nation and the world that A&M is a more accepting place than people realize,” Ketcham said.

Even if Ketcham becomes the first female yell leader at A&M, this will be a tough sell.

While A&M is known for its traditions, it is also known for its lack of diversity. According to The Princeton Review, 70.88 percent of A&M’s student body is Caucasian; only 47.53 percent of A&M students are female.

In comparison, only 29.2 percent of UH’s student body is Caucasian, and 49.75 percent of our students are female.

The Princeton Review ranks A&M third on the list of colleges with the most conservative students and 10th on the list of the most LGBT-unfriendly colleges in the nation.

The election of Ketcham would be a step in the right direction for her university, but A&M still has a long way to go before it can prove to the nation that it is an accepting place.

Nevertheless, The Daily Cougar wishes Ketcham the best of luck in her pursuit to turn an outdated tradition on its head — change happens in baby steps.

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  • Mongrel

    Why is it relevant to UH students what happens at A&M?

    • Because it is always relevant to human beings how other human beings are treated.

      • John

        You need more names

  • AggieLawatCougarHigh

    Ok. I'm a student at the Law Center and graduated from A&M.

    Here's my apology:

    I'm sorry we took your coach. If it makes you feel better, I didn't even want him. I don't trust C-USA coaches as far as I can throw them.

    And I'm in law school, I can't throw for crap. Otherwise, I'd work construction and make real money. Or at least have a job. Law school ain't a wise investment these days.

    Anyway. While I was at A&M, there were more women than men on campus. Like 52% female to 48% male. So this stat fluctuates. But, hey, I'm sorry we got your coach. If I ruled the world, I'd give him back. But I don't. There's nothing I can do. I apologize. I'm sure you'll beat…whoever else is in your conference that you're rivals with. To be honest, I spend most of my time at the South Texas library and haven't learned your football traditions yet apart from Texas refusing to play you because your stadium isn't safe. Or something.

    But I digress. Sorry for taking your coach.

    • Guest

      I'm also sorry you took our coach. You see, because while we have a winning season, and don't look like a bunch of spoiled rich white kids in a conference that's too good for us, you'll be filling that position.

      Also, again, this isn't relevant to UH at all. Back to the matter and hand, I agree, I don't think anyone at UH should really care about A&M.

      Thanks, and GO COOGS

  • Guest

    I don't get. For as long as I can remember, we here in the SEC have always heard that there was an unusually large amount of homosexuality among the Texas A&M student body and especially among that military corps group. They've had same-sex engagement and wedding announcements in the newspapers and they kiss each other during televised games; and now they're suddenly LGBT unfriendly? Doesn't make sense. Where there's smoke, there's usually fire.

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