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Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Sophomore release blends genres

Sleigh Bells, originating from New York, has finally released its highly anticipated album “Reign of Terror.”

There was a lot of hype surrounding this album since the success of “Treats” in 2010.

This group from Brooklyn met in 2008 and is composed of Derek Edward Miller and Alexis Krauss.

Since the founding of the group, there has not been much of a departure from the heavy rock and hip-hop beats. The band has used the same formula with a few twists for this album.

Sleigh Bells did not depart from the heavy beats, but instead amplified its sound with this album — which seems hard to believe — and added more guitar and experimental beats.

The album starts off with a live version of a track with the audience roaring.

“Alexis” builds up the audience while the electric guitars start, creating an intense power with the beat.

The track has immense energy and raw emotion, both louder than the chanting and screaming of the audience.

Though the majority of their songs sound simple and melodic, it is the simplicity which makes them that is much more entertaining.

Though the first few tracks are intense and amazing, “End of the Line,” is nearly a pop anthem, which gives the feeling of déjà vu.

While still using the heavy bass and softer guitar, it is a softer track with more pop vocals.

This is one of the best-produced tracks in the album and it shows the diversity of genres in this album giving off the ’80s vibe like that of bands like The Cure.

The songs start turning down the volume as we near the end of the album. Then, we reach the single “Comeback Kid.”

The catchy lyrics and beat make it an astounding track, about the person who always thinks he or she is right.

This song is followed only by “Demon,” one of the harder tracks of the album, which defines the sound in the title and meets expectations.

Not only are there different sounds in each track, but they are unique even though they are not the raver-bashing songs which ensued us in “Treats.”

“Road to Hell” is one of these in which the beats are hard and moving, but still holds a calm composure from the lyrics and vocals used as well as the wailing guitar.

The words are melancholy and have a sharp delivery caused by the composure of the tracks on the album.

This can be said to be a rebellious anthem that ensues the mainstream culture and abuses it, creating a new sound which can only be described as a hip-hop, pop and rock infusion.

“Reign of Terror” is its own album. It has no true equal and is a great step for Sleigh Bells.

Many people will admire this album for its multitude of genres and incorporation of them into each track.

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