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Thursday, September 21, 2023


Event makes sex chat interactive

Speaker Daniel Packard participated with audience members during his presentation through the use of technology. He asked guests straightforward questions and they answered by anonymously sending in text messages. | Nine Nguyen/The Daily Cougar

Daniel Packard managed to provide a very enthusiastic and upbeat energy by himself. | Nine Nguyen/The Daily Cougar

The words “Where are all the good men? Text answer to 22333” were projected onto a screen on stage in the University Center Houston Room as students filled the seats for a special evening of “sex therapy.”

Students were there for speaker Daniel Packard’s “Live Group Sex Therapy” show, presented by the Student Programming Board on Tuesday night.

After a while, responses began to materialize on the screen: “In the front row;” “Hiding under rocks;” “With your best friend!”

As people discovered their texts were appearing on the screen, the atmosphere quickly became more like a high school boys’ locker room than an event meant to help people grow in their relationships.

For maybe the first time in their lives, students were actually encouraged to keep their cell phones on throughout the entire performance in order to anonymously share their innermost thoughts about love, sex and dating.

Packard, a self-proclaimed “social acupuncturist,” seemed to revel in the raucous energy of the crowd.

He encouraged people to shout “Amen!” whenever they agreed with a point he made about relationships. “I wanna do this thing Baptist church-style,” he said.

As the two-hour performance progressed, Packard shared personal stories about failed and successful relationships and brought students on stage to do instructive role-playing exercises.

He also utilized the interactive texting to help discuss topics like “What does a man want more? Sex or appreciation?” and “Do things like wealth and attractiveness ensure more love?”

The wild atmosphere slowly shifted into one of quiet contemplation, punctuated occasionally by a few amens.

By the end of the performance, the crowd seemed earnestly absorbed in every insight Packard had to share.

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