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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Staff Editorial

Radical Christianity a danger to nation

Before Louisiana pastor Dennis Terry introduced Rick Santorum to his congregation on Sunday, he took a few minutes to hurl some fire and brimstone down from the pulpit.

“I don’t care what the liberals say, I don’t care what the naysayers say, this nation was founded as a Christian nation…There is only one God and his name is Jesus. I’m tired of people telling me that I can’t say those words,” Terry said.

“Listen to me. If you don’t love America, if you don’t like the way we do things, I have one thing to say — get out. We don’t worship Buddha, we don’t worship Mohammad, we don’t worship Allah. We worship God. We worship God’s son Jesus Christ.”

In his diatribe Terry indirectly addressed the biggest threat to our nation. The biggest threat to our nation — our liberty — is radical Christianity.

Terry’s diatribe, and Santorum’s complacence, reveal that radical Christians don’t want a republic — they want a theocracy.

They have created a historically inaccurate dual narrative of American history, a narrative in which all of our nation’s founding fathers were devout Christians. In this narrative, it is the devout Christians who have held our nation together, fought for social justice and the downtrodden. In this narrative our nation has prevailed because of the influence of the Christian god.

In reality, our nation has prevailed because of the separation of church and state, which has thus far prevented us from crumbling into a theocracy.

Many of the Bible Belt revisionists who are trying to pervert this separation are the descendents of the same Christians who supported slavery, were against granting women the right to vote, were against desegregation and interracial marriage.

Do not be fooled by their rhetoric or their “compassionate conservatism.” Radical Christians want to reverse our nation’s steady march towards equality for all. They want to send us back to the days when they could force their beliefs on other Americans, shame them into complacency.

Rational Americans have two choices. They can either sit by and watch our republic dissolve into a theocracy, or they can rise up and fight.

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