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Saturday, September 23, 2023

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UH sales team wins first in competition

A team of four students from the University of Houston Program for Excellence in Selling brought home the University’s second win in a row after competing in the National Collegiate Sales Competition March 2 to March 5 in Georgia.

Coached by Amy Vandaveer, the team competed against 116 contestants from 58 different schools.

“I was extremely nervous,” said marketing and finance senior Sonya Brooks.

“The competition is so nerve-wracking knowing that you are competing against so many other students and the people you are selling to have been doing this professionally for years.”

To prepare, the team role-played not only amongst themselves and their coach, but also with other students in Program for Excellence in Selling, alumni, corporate partners, directors and managers of the UH sales program and the UH students who competed and won last years NCSC.

“The team last year was instrumental to our success,” said Grace Moceri, marketing senior.

“They practiced with us and coached us every single week we prepared.”

The group tried out in Dec. 2011 and, after placing, immediately began training.

“NCSC allowed me to see just how incredibly fortunate I have been to be a student, and now a staff member, in the Program for Excellence in Selling,” said marketing senior Markee Johnson.

“The curriculum and experiences we gain throughout our time with PES is so far above any other program that there is not a word to embody how much better our program, staff and students are. I have always known our program was one of the best, but now I can say with full confidence that we are the best.”

The team didn’t officially find out that they won until the awards banquet, although when it was announced that two UH competitors had won first and second place in the finals, they knew the team had enough points to be the winner.

“We all saw each other at our finest and at our weakest,” said Bryan Hentges, a corporate communications senior.

“My experience was very similar to the sales program. It’s a lot of work.

“It’s easy to feel discouraged and there are days you feel like you’re beating your head (against) a wall, but the rewards and the experience that comes from it, no amount of frustration or exhaustion could overshadow.

“I would do it all over again in a heart beat.”

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