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Monday, June 27, 2022


Out of GOP options

For many of America’s right-wingers, the race for the GOP nomination was, at the very least, painful and humiliating. At most, it was a very compelling reason to apply duct tape to the old “Vote Republican” bumper sticker — that is, until the election ends.

But with Rick Santorum out of the running, the race has essentially fallen into Mitt Romney’s lap.

Newt Gingrich is likely to divorce our nation and marry China for the money, so long as our largest debt holder ignores Gingrich’s 84 ethics violations.

Ron Paul, sad to say, is apparently a figment of our imagination. He is a good guy, running an honest, consistent politician running on the merits of financial responsibility and independence, not muddling his hands in the social dogma that’s distracted our country for the last several months. He hasn’t been absorbed with the never-ending bouncing from social issue to social issue that our country has partaken in while our gas prices continue to rise up and over that four-dollar mark.

For the sake of argument, let’s say that Paul is just a character in a how-to manual for politicians, quietly collecting dust in the bottom of a desk somewhere. Romney is the Republican nominee for the presidency. What are we working with, Republicans?

This is what Republicans are working with: a consistently inconsistent, white-collar, super suburbanite whose most damning quote is “Corporations are people too, my friend.” His idea of social welfare is general indifference — why care about them if they already have a “safety net?” The GOP’s current champion against President Barack Obama is the most far-removed person from your typical Joe Schmoe since Mr. Magoo. I watch NASCAR. I would love to meet Dale Earnheart Jr. and shake the man’s hand.

Romney is friends with NASCAR team owners. He says he’s hunted all his life. He’s hunted once when he was 15, then again six years ago. He makes $10,000 bets just because he can and his idea of fresh air for his dog is strapping it to the top of one of his wife’s two Cadillacs.

Romney represents a very select percentage of the Republican Party. One might be tempted to say the very top percent. The first percentage, if you will. But when the stereotype of the Republican’s stance on social issues is brought up, gone are the suits of the one percent, and on are the cowboy hat and overalls of the average Joe.

Now we have the true base of the Republican party: simple working class men and women, the people that are sitting next to you on the bus, next to you in class and eating in front of and behind you at the McDonald’s.

The Republican base is supposed to be the blue-collar backbone of America. Don’t spend what you don’t have and don’t take a dime if you hadn’t earned it. That’s blue-collar philosophy. That’s Southern philosophy. That’s Texas philosophy. Romney doesn’t respect any blue-collar values. He smears caviar all over them. When he tries to sympathize with us, he patronizes us.

As a note, not a mention of his policies has been made thus far. I haven’t spoken a word about what he’s said on the economy, on foreign policy or on social issues, and it is mostly because it is difficult to keep up with the rate of stances he keeps changing.

I speak on his character as an individual and as a man, and he doesn’t hold a grain of salt to what the Republican Party needs in a candidate because what the GOP needs is someone who can, at the very least, hold a train of thought for more than five seconds without flipping tracks.

But at the way the primaries have been going and the way the media is treating a certain more respectable, honorable and consistent candidate, Romney’s essentially got the nomination on a golden, jewel-encrusted platter.

So congratulations to presidential hopeful Mitt Romney on his victory — by default.

James Wang is a history freshman and may be reached at [email protected]

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