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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Fine Arts

Graduate work on display for public

The 34th Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition reception organized by the Blaffer Art Museum took place Saturday at DiverseWorks Art Space.

The event displayed the works of eleven graduating Master’s of Fine Arts students, spanning all five departments of the program.

Chuck Ivy, the first graduate of the Interdisciplinary Practice and Emerging Forms program, utilized reactive installation and code to create an audio and visual projection.

Ivy’s technological display, “Identified, Detained & Inspected,” included a cartoon of Inspector Clouseau graphically affected by live Houston Police dispatch radios.

Graphic communications student Danilo Bojic’s “Passage,” made of birch plywood, digital print and vinyl, led the viewer through a curling passageway of panels featuring words like “compassion,” “joy” and, going deeper, “challenge” and “independence.”

His work also consisted of jutting color-treated images of well-known local buildings as well along the wall.

Sculptor Natali Leduc’s created a large wooden structure accompanied by other components such as a bike and caution tape titled “Giant Multitron,” made of “wood, more wood, metal, mistakes and time.”

Dressed in a lab coat, Leduc presented her contraption by explaining that the structure was indeed a mechanism intended to launch termites into outer space.

Abi Semter’s work included usage of materials such as a book page, cardboard, cotton thread and a paper bag.

Semter’s work tapped into the elegance and simplicity of raw material, with small punctures and twining.

Sculptor M’kina Tapscott’s displays involved a more colorful presentation that featured draping adoring ornaments and gold chains.

Tapscott’s work with mixed media in “M Theory” was composed of a mysterious mixture of hair and colorful jelly-like substances in a container with a gold top.

Graphic artist Ted Closson put together a miniature comic book convention featuring twelve Texas artists.

“The key of it is to think of comics as cultural objects,” said Closson on the convention he organized for the art space.

Photographer Rosine Kouamen featured pictures of first generation immigrants from Africa in their American living spaces.

Photographs of family memorabilia and personal objects — connecting Kouamen to her birthplace of Cameroon — such as necklaces, sandals and food hung grid-like on the wall.

Sebastian Forray took an unorthodox approach by commissioning five different artists to create works for him.

Each artist’s contribution was titled “Seven Years Luck” with five respective parts.

Along with these works, Forray had a display case of his own called “The Vitrine of Ancillary Failures,” filled with books, buttons, a brochure, a television monitor and vinyl records

The Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition will be on display through May 12 at the DiverseWorks Art Space.

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