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Saturday, July 22, 2017


UC renovations bring food options

As the renovations of the University Center take place, the Japanese restaurant Sushic will be located at the UC Satellite. It will stay in the Montague’s Deli spot, moving the Deli to replace the Cranberry Farm’s place come the fall semester.   |  Hendrick Rosemond/The Daily Cougar

As the renovations of the University Center take place, the Japanese restaurant Sushic will be located at the UC Satellite. It will stay in the Montague’s Deli spot, moving the Deli to replace the Cranberry Farm’s place come the fall semester. | Hendrick Rosemond/The Daily Cougar

With so many renovations, including the closing of the University Center, and replacements occurring on our campus in the coming months, the thought of finding food in the construction wasteland can seem more than a little daunting.

In response to the closed restaurants, UH Dining Services has replaced the UC locations with several food trucks: Bernie’s Burger Bus, The Waffle Bus, and Bare Bowls Kitchen. Aramark, the company that holds UH’s food service contract, said the student response has been positive.

“We were very glad to see the student response to the trucks at the end of the semester, and we have seen similar response to the food trucks that we have had on campus since June 4 for the summer session,” an Aramark representative said.

“We are currently exploring the possibility of adding two more trucks once the fall semester begins.”

As for the eateries that were already serving in the UC, Aramark provides a solution for at least one of the previous locations. According to their representative, the new food options in the remodeled UC include Express, McDonald’s, Starbucks Coffee, Chick-fil-A and a Cougar Xpress Mini Market. After phase two of the renovations, a Freshii restaurant will also be opening in the UC. Additionally, a Taco Cabana will be opening in the new stadium parking garage in the fall.

“Sushic has already moved over to the UC Satellite and served its first meal in that location on June 4. They are serving out of the space that used to belong to Montague’s Deli,” an Aramark representative said.

“Once the fall semester begins, Montague’s Deli will re-open in the old Cranberry Farms space. The new UC is going to have an entirely new set of locations.”

The Oberholtzer dining hall will be closing next semester and will be replaced by the new west dining hall.

“The new dining hall being built on the corner of Cullen and Wheeler is meant to replace the dining hall in OB. It will still be a ‘Real Food on Campus’ style with a similar menu to what OB offered,” an Aramark representative said.

“The dining hall is scheduled to open in the fall semester. Until that time, OB will remain open to serve students in that area of campus.”

All-access meal plans are being installed for the fall semester, which will allow for a more flexibility for only $100 additional. Students can choose the All-Access 7 plan, which allows for continuous access every day of the week, or the All-Access 5 plan, which is limited to Monday through Friday.

“All-access meal plans were approved spring 2012, and students coming in the fall have the option to choose one of those plans instead of a lifestyle or block meal plan. (They) allow students to swipe into the dining halls once every 30 minutes,” an Aramark representative said.

“The plans also come with a certain number of guest passes that students can use to treat family or friends to a meal in the dining halls, and a certain amount of Cougar Cash.”

Aramark said the food trucks will stay on the UC patio and their service hours may be found at

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  • Pranab

    The food trucks are pricey.

  • Jake Miller

    Why do we have repeat restaurants? We already have Chic-fil-A’s, Starbucks, Wendy’s! Why repeat?!?!

  • AustinCoog

    So many options, all so expensive. Students need cheaper choices. I know Aramark is a for-profit business, not a charitable organization, but these are students, many barely making it, struggling to pay tuition, have a little more compassion and give up a little bit of the outstanding profit margin you enjoy so much ARAMark.

    • Emmanuel

      Packing your own lunch is the most affordable alternative to save money. There are already restaurants with dollar or value menus–what more can you ask for?

      • Quikboy

        I think he meant the meal plans. For UH residents, they are required so it’s not like you can get around it. I know many people who don’t end up using their swipes for the semester, and that amounts to a lot of money thrown away. Not all of us can afford to be fatsos.

        I had the 160 and I only ended up using probably 3/5 of it. Around 1/4 went to friends/family I swiped in, and the rest was wasted. College students already have to spend a lot, and if UH would be kind enough to make smaller meal plans, that would help even a little. You’d think we’re doing UH a favor by staying active on campus through living there.

        • Kittykat0323

          I wish they’d allow commuter meal plans to revolve to the following semester. I bought a meal plan, thinking I’d need it for the amount of time at the university, but it turned out I barely needed it. Sometimes what you plan for doesn’t always happen the way you want it to.

      • HungryBoy

        Show me a meal that cost 1 dollar only. I’ll run bare nude across the campus. 8P

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