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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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Comedy release charms with adult humor

Director Seth MacFarlane is a comedy god, and “Ted” is proof.

As premature as it sounds, this movie is MacFarlane’s masterpiece that expands beyond previous works.
“Ted” takes a fairytale that many children harbor — a wish for their stuffed animals to talk to them — and turns it over on itself.

John Bennet (Mark Wahlberg) eventually grows up, and so does his fluffy companion and best friend Ted (Seth MacFarlane).

Much of Ted’s charm rubs off onto Bennett as the stuffed animal grows up to be a famous ill-mannered, irresponsible, pot-smoking party animal.

With marriage on the mind of girlfriend Lori Collins (Mila Kunis), Bennet struggles to be a responsible adult while maintaining a friendship with his talking plush toy.

MacFarlane never held himself back when voicing or writing the movie. Not even ten minutes in and audiences will already be laughing.

The quick flashback cut scenes, obscure pop culture references and plenty of off-the-wall vulgarity and shock value (boob shots and sexual references are plentiful throughout) are enough to make a nun’s head explode in outrage.

While much of the movie is centered on the stellar comedic performance from both Wahlberg and MacFarlane, the focal points of the two main plot lines never seem to get lost within the craziness.

Ted has two fanatics who are obsessed with him so much that they are willing to steal him away, and Bennet struggles between keeping the friendship or keeping the insanely hot wife-to-be.

The movie is paced very well, switching from ha-has to boo-hoos at the right time, and unlike most “Family Guy” episodes, the sappy moments can actually draw audiences in well.

Small antics like Ted and Bennett’s phobia of thunder are hilarious and memorable, but the role that Mila Kunis takes on — the mature girlfriend who has had enough — lacks.

“Ted” basically comes in one big, shiny package that only MacFarlane can wrap up and leave on your doorstep.

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