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Thursday, October 5, 2023


Sisters make good pair

Aja Walker celebrated from afar last season when her sister Kayla scored her first goal as a Cougar on Oct. 7 against UTEP. Sunday, she celebrated her sister’s game-winning goal against HBU, only this time from the bench.

“We were on the same team in high school and play together very well because we work with each other on and off the field,” Kayla said. “She plays midfield and I usually play up top. She gets me in, and we know what (the other is) going to do.”

Having played together since their mother placed them in the Fun Fair Positive Soccer League at a young age, the sisters have had a lot of practice together.

“I got to play with her (before) so we know each other,” Aja said. “We (don’t) have to learn how to work with each other because we already know.”

Only 18 months apart and teammates for the majority of their lives, the Walker sisters are close, so much so that they even share a dorm.

“We are pretty much the same person,” Aja said. “We do differ a lot on the field because I play midfield. I like to find passes and she likes to get the ball more and run and score. So we do differ there. Other than that, we are pretty much the same.”

However, knowing each other so well has its disadvantages.

“Sometimes if one of us makes a mistake or something, because we know each other so well, we will yell at each other,” Aja said. “Usually if someone else messes up we will be like, ‘Oh, good try,’ but because we’re sisters, we’ll be like, ‘Come on, you can do that better.’”

Despite being on the same team, the sisters have not been able to play a game together as Aja suffered a leg injury two months ago.

“It’s been hard having her sit on the bench,” the sisters’ mother Margaret Walker said. “I know her sister was crushed when it happened. She cried. I’m hoping maybe she’ll be able to play at the end (of the season) but we’ll see how the therapy goes.”

For now Aja cheers from the bench and Kayla takes care of her.

“I can’t wait to play with her again once her leg heals,” Kayla said.

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