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Sunday, October 1, 2023


Social media site targets students

Finding a website to connect with exciting, new people within local reach has gotten easier thanks to a new social media site that thrives on mutual interests. thrives on making new connections — first online and then in person.  The site promotes their “pools” system that consists of different types of interests that range from hiking, “Call of Duty,” sushi and yes, even sleeping.

The Pool’s promotion team has traveled through several universities urging students to sign up and try it for themselves, but is that enough to keep it afloat?

Once users breeze through the sign up process by entering their zip codes and choosing their pools and interests, the site matches them up with someone near them that mirrors those interests. They’re given a 24-hour time frame to chat with that person and see where things lead. Despite the “explore the pool” slide bar that shows other recommendations, users are more likely to find that their match of the day is more intriguing.

While At the Pool doesn’t intrude in other social media spheres, it requires users to connect their Facebook for age verification.  All of the information — occupation, music interests and relationship status — from Facebook will then be transferred over to make up the profile. Most of the information can be edited, but for a site that looks to deviate away from their competition it certainly does use their tools.

The site is still in its beginning stage so don’t be surprised when the new match is someone from Paris. Users aren’t given the option to search for others and there’s no guarantee things will pick up within the 24-hour time period. Moderators oversee the minor bugs if notified, but still a search engine and an improved matching system would’ve been nice.

Despite a few bugs, At the Pool does have more pros than cons. The sleek and lightly colored design is welcoming, and navigating the site is simple. The site gives users the option to favorite others in case they’re interested in linking up for a trip to the movies or Starbucks. The site is also open to mobile access via Androids and iPhones.

At the Pool encourages users to invite their Facebook friends to sign up for an account and join in on the fun. With the community growing by the day, it won’t be long before the site switches its target audience from university students to a broader spectrum.

University of Houston students are specially treated by the site if they input the promo code “UH” while signing up. From there, students will instantly be connected. Whether they’re looking for love or looking for a new friend to hang out with, At the Pool is the go to place. The site may not have a deep end just yet, but there aren’t many reasons why students should not try it. Jump in — the water is fine.

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