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Thursday, June 30, 2022


Helpful service found at local Vietnamese establishment

Hoang Sandwich and Noodle Shop provides a foreign flavor to students who wish to dine off campus during lunch hours. | Rebekah Stearns/The Daily Cougar

Hoang Sandwich and Noodle Shop provides a foreign flavor to students who wish to dine off campus-during lunch hours.  |  Rebekah Stearns/The Daily Cougar

Residing just off Elgin Avenue is the tiny cove of a restaurant, Hoang Sandwich and Noodle Shop, an arguably hidden portal to authentic and delicious Vietnamese dining at an affordable price.

The restaurant opened seven years ago and caters to the surrounding area with an inviting atmosphere.

To someone who has never had Vietnamese food, the service was incredibly refreshing. The employees are polite and recommend reasonably priced dishes to their customers.

No single item on the menu is more than $7. While that may seem like a gaudy price for the entrée, there is more than enough for the average person — two plates full.

The pho dac biet, a well-recommended plate, is a rich mix of round, medium rare and well-done flank and meatballs mixed into a bowl of rice and noodle soup for $6.99.

After initially flailing with chopsticks, customers will soon determine the hefty portion of the delicious entrée is more than enough to sate any man’s hunger.

And that is just one of the 27 soups patron’s can order, among an even larger menu — 14 rice plates, 11 sandwiches, 10 appetizers and other various sides and drinks.

They even have a cooler of authentic Vietnamese drinks and some American refreshments for those less venturous in their choice.

This hidden treasure is a must-visit for students wishing to try something foreign on a student budget.

Hoang Sandwich and Noodle Shop is located at 3509 Elgin Ave.

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