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Thursday, June 1, 2023

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Review: 2K Sports dunks in tighter controls in basketball simulator

NBA2K13 is now available for PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 | Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

NBA2K13 is now available for PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360. | Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

As executive producer Jay-Z welcomes players to 2K Sports’ NBA2K13 with his coined phrase “Allow me to re-introduce myself,” gamers will immediately notice the amount of time and effort developers devoted to enhance the game, making tighter changes to how it looks and feels on the court.

Since its inception, the NBA 2K series has used an isomotion dribbling system that requires movement be made with the left analog stick, while advanced moves — like crossovers and dribble penetration — are made by combining the left stick and pulling the right triggers of the controller. The right stick would therefore be free to use to control dunks and lay-ups.

This year, the configuration has been reversed to give the game a more responsive, easy-to-control dribbling system that gives the game a real-life experience on the hardwood.

The game has made more crossovers, spin moves, inside-out dribbles and hesitation moves, executed with precision. Players who feel that these moves can change the course of a game will take comfort in knowing that its vital to a players stamina and determines successful execution.

Another significant upgrade was made to on-ball defense. In past years, the offensive player had the advantage in almost every phase of the game. This year, the defenders are quicker on their feet, given their ability to stay on the offensive player and deny driving and passing lanes.

The passing game has been re-invented to allow more realistic passes. Players can now precisely pass the ball down the court in hopes of taking advantage of a team that is out of position.

The addition of the bounce pass button will aid gamers in their ability to make a pass at the right time by threading it between a defender while on a fast break.

The broadcast crew — Kevin Harlan, Steve Kerr and Clark Kellogg — is worth the price of the game alone. Harlan does a play-by-play analysis, while Kerr and Kellogg provide insightful basketball information throughout the game.

Gamers and sports fans who have always wondered who would win between the 1992 Dream Team and the 2012 Olympic Team can finally settle the argument in exhibition mode as both are available to play against each other.

Overall, the 2K series has outdone itself with NBA2K13 with enhanced gameplay adjustments that will satisfy old and new sports simulation gamers.

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