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Friday, September 29, 2023


Viral video tactlessly reveals Mormon practices

A new YouTube video, “Behind The Veil: Never-Before-Seen Footage of Secret Mormon Temple Rituals” hit the web Oct. 16 under the account of Newnamenoah. The video’s content is summarized in its title. In 7:44 it shows Mormon religious rituals.

The secretly filmed video, although both educational and fascinating, was disrespectful to the Mormon church.

Mormonism fascinates people. Perhaps it is their colorful history related to polygamy or the special underwear it requires followers to wear to the temple.

Whatever the reason, its peculiarity makes people interested. Curiosity does not excuse filming this video and unveiling it to the public. Religions are sacred; even when disagreed upon they should be respected.

This video does not do that.

So what if the producer believes Mormon rituals are bizarre, as long as these traditions do not harm anyone it doesn’t matter. Perhaps Newnamenoah meant it as a wake-up to Mormons, but really what it does is just embarrass them because the reality is, to those outside Mormonism, the rituals depicted in the video are strange.

Call it tradition, call it blind faith, the point is, this video will not change any Mormon’s mind.

According to one of Newnamenoah’s comments, the video has been years in the making and did not start as a political tool, which has become a new-found interpretation of it. In the video he includes comments about Gov. Mitt Romney and his family.

He brings to light the reason that Romney’s ancestors fled to Mexico, which was to keep his four wives. He also informs viewers of a secret oath of vengeance during the time period of Romney’s parents, which vocalized the need to punish the U.S. for killing Mormon prophets, Hyrum and Joseph Smith. Nevertheless, Romney can only be held accountable for his actions, not those of his parents, or grandparents.

If the purpose was to embarrass Romney and to make him seem unqualified for presidency, the task would have been much simpler. It would have been effective to use Romney’s not elegantly stated comment or binders of women, just to name the most recent ones.

Furthermore, if Newnamenoah meant to make a political statement, he could have done it through a different method, but involving Mormonism to expose Romney was unnecessary and impertinent.

With a religion as private and unique as Mormonism, there are bound to be inquiries concerning it, but unless Mormons chose to release answers it is extremely disrespectful to expose it by one’s own accord. If you don’t agree with Mormonism, fine, but keep it to yourself. Respect what is not yours, just as you respect what is.

Mónica Rojas is a journalism freshman and may be reached at [email protected].


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