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Sunday, January 16, 2022

From the Editor

Letter from the Editor: Voice of the Pride

Sometimes, new ideas bring excitement and freshness to the same old grind and invites reader interaction by giving students the opportunity to speak their minds in a public forum.

Sometimes, new ideas go over like a lead balloon and fail gloriously.

On Feb. 4, the Opinion Section ran a new feature, Voice of the Pride, that would allow readers to respond to the question of the week. The best responses were to be repackaged and published Thursday.

Unfortunately, there were no responses.

Admittedly, the topic was not particularly one that would strike up debate but rather a self-indulgent one since I turned 30 years old last week.

Voice of the Pride may have whiffed out the first time at bat, but that does not mean the Opinion Section will stop trying new things or that Voice of the Pride will not have a second turn.

Voice of the Pride will be back later this month for a second try but this time with serious, current topics that mean something to you.

We still have other things cooking, so keep on reading and always have an opinion.

— Aaron Manuel, Opinion editor

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