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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Student Government

SGA, UHPD chief discuss guns

Following three meetings in which due to lack of quorum kept it from voting, the SGA Senate is trying to tie up the loose ends before the term ends.

Guns were a hot topic at the meeting. The senate saw two bills, on opposite sides, concerning firearms on campus.

In addition to this, UH Police Chief Ceasar Moore gave a special report at the meeting to express his thoughts on concealed handgun rights on campus.

“Guns will escalate conflicts,” Moore said. “Police officers that are trained to carry, 8 percent of those are killed with their own weapons. There will be an impact on the campus that will be significant.”

Wednesday, by a vote of 16 to 3, an SGA resolution titled “Reaffirm Opposition to Allowing Concealed Handguns on University of Houston Campuses” passed. The resolution, first introduced in January, opposes legislation that would prevent universities from regulating carrying.

Introduced for the first time was the University of Houston Freedom of Personal Protection Bill, which aims to allow students, faculty and guests with a concealed handgun license to carry firearms on campus grounds and in buildings.

When speaking about the opposing bill, Dustin Phipps, a senior majoring in biology and French as well as the author of the pro-concealed carry bill, said, “By passing this resolution you are preventing law abiding citizens from bringing their weapons on to the campus. I assure you that they are very aware of the consequences of removing the gun from the holster.

“Over 70 universities across six states have allowed concealed handguns on campus without any gun related incidents,” Phipps said.

Other items on the agenda voted on included the SGA bill to streamline executive appointments, which passed unanimously; the University bill requesting a font change on diplomas passed with 17 to 2; and the resolution supporting a bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform passed 14 to 1, with 1 abstain.

Only one senate meeting remains before the 50th administration takes office on April 1.

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