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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Green Guide

Future looks green for graduates

Climate change is a hot topic in the business sector as companies look for ways to lessen their carbon footprint and create sustainable products and services.

Students with a degree in communication or English can find promising green media careers. Websites like have a list of more than 5,000 non-profit environmental organizations looking to hire people interested in becoming eco-blogger and website editors for green companies.

Broadcast journalism junior Jesse Hudgens said he is glad that green journalism jobs are available.

“It would be nice to take the skills we’re learning and use them to promote causes that are good for our planet,” Hudgens said.

Opportunities also exist for architecture graduates who want to create eco-friendly living and working spaces.

Engineering graduates can look into sustainable energy careers, which focus on developing systems and products for reducing environmental damage to both habitats and improving our air and water quality.

Chemical engineering sophomore Veronica By said green jobs are beneficial to our society. By said she considered getting a job at a company that promotes sustainability and pollution reduction.

“I think it is a good field because today everyone is looking to save energy and the environment,” By said. “Engineers are trying to improve their community and green jobs are a way to take action.”

According to Michigan Daily, business majors pursuing an environmental job should understand basic sustainable business and eco-friendly practices. The article suggests taking classes focused on environmental science and policy.

The UH Law Center has an Environmental, Energy and Natural Resources Center that offers programs and courses which focus on energy issues that impact environment as well as important issues, such as climate change.

Law student Ashley Dvorkin-Miller said she is considering going into environmental law not just for herself, but for the health of the earth.

“With the threat of global warming, I think it’s important to focus on environmental law because in our near future it could become a problem,” Miller said.

“We should focus more on implementing new environmental restrictions on companies that produce too much waste or environmentally harmful products and at the same time holding those companies accountable if they are in violation of those laws.”

Going green is more than just a trend. Colleges around the country are becoming more environmentally conscious and combined with the growing market for green jobs. Graduates can find a career that is both meaningful and pays competitively and students are excited for change.

“Even though green careers haven’t been brought up in my classes, I’m happy to know they are there,” Hudgens said. “It’s a new subject for me but I’m really excited to start exploring them.”

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