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Friday, September 29, 2023


Music Review: Crystal Castles

As the line continued to get long, fans patiently waited to get inside the venue. From inside, the fans were calling out the band performing that night to get the show started. The lights dimmed and smoke was released on the stage until bright red lights shined on the members, and the show started.

Electronic-experimental band Crystal Castles headlined Saturday night at the House of Blues. The crowd patiently stood in the sold-out venue, waiting for the artists to perform. The only light visible to them was from the stage, and the album cover for “(III),” its third release, was hanging on the curtains.

As the show began, fans were dancing to the rhythm of the music and sang to the catchy songs. The band performed music from all three albums — “Crystal Castles,” “(II)” and “(III)” — which helped the crowd know the music by heart. Songs such as “Crimewave” and “Not in Love” made the crowd dance its feet off, and the show became a party instead.

As singer Alice Glass sang, she had the microphone in one hand and a cigarette in the other. She danced freely and jumped on the amplifiers and tables as she got into the music. Producer Ethan Kath stood in the center of the stage with his instruments and pumped up the crowd by raising his hands. As the crowd became rowdy, Glass jumped off the stage and sang while the audience held her in the air.

Crystal Castles is known for their Gameboy-glitch noise and heavy drum beats that will leave your head pounding. Glass uses bit-pop beats from her synthesizer to change the tune of her voice, creating a robotic, futuristic sound. Kath used a variety of instruments, such as old-school keyboards and synthesizers, to create the lo-fi, gloomy, homemade style.

The band also invited musician Doldrums to tour and perform his own music before its setlist. Having a similar style to Crystal Castles, the 23-year-old musician creates drum beats and echoes to create a soothing, electric sound.

From Toronto, Glass and Kath formed the band in 2004 but only released limited copies of their first single “Alice Practice” as a vinyl. The band released their debut album, “Crystal Castles,” four years later and became a great hit. As the band grew, so did the next couple of albums by changing the sound and style to give them their own experience.

The band has toured all over the country and has performed in festivals such as Counterpoint and Coachella. They have also toured in Europe, Japan and Australia and have made the top charts in those countries.

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