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Friday, September 22, 2023

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Freshmen choose to be citizens of the (RED)nation

As one of the most diverse universities in the country with more than 100 undergraduate degree programs, thousands of freshman choose UH to be their four-year home.

Last fall, UH welcomed 3,381 freshmen, with the top two majors being Undergraduate Scholars and engineering.

“I chose UH because I wanted a school that not only is proud of themselves, but also makes me proud to be a part of them. It’s all about pride,” said business freshman Vinh Le.

“I am passionate about being a part of the UH community. Being a part of something that holds so much pride and regard for themselves makes me proud to be a member also.”

Le considers herself a heavily-involved student, with aspirations of holding leadership positions by her senior year.

Architecture freshman Keifer Chase chose UH because of family ties and has had his major in mind for a long time.

“It’s close to home. My grandpa was actually the Dean of Architecture at one time — William Jenkins. He went here, my dad went here,” Chase said. “I grew up around (architecture) and developed a passion for it since middle school. I’m fascinated by it.”

Chase has a different view, however, when it comes to being involved with the UH community.

“I would be willing to experience it if I had the time,” Chase said.

Jessica Juarez, an industrial design freshman, chose UH because of the accessibility to her major.

“UH is the only university in the South that has a program for industrial design. I am passionate about it because it branches off into transportation design, which is what I want to do,” Juarez said.

Juarez said she is passionate about being involved in the UH community but is unsure if her course load will allow her to participate. Regardless, Juarez has high hopes for her future.

“(I see myself) creating a car for my senior thesis, which will catch the attention of major automobile companies,” Juarez said.

Rahasya Chandan, an architecture freshman, chose UH after falling in love with the U.S. during a visit taken two years ago.

“I love drawing and making models and everything,” Chandan said.

UH welcomes the freshman class each year with the Weeks of Welcome, in combination with Student Housing and Residential Life’s events within the dorms, both of which are geared toward increasing freshman involvement in University activities.

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