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Wednesday, January 19, 2022


No need for Santa: Houston brings jobs for all the boys and girls

David Delgado//The Daily Cougar

David Delgado//The Daily Cougar

’Tis the holiday season; time to stuff our faces with enough food to feed a small developing country and wear so many layers of clothing one would believe we’ve never functioned in weather cooler than 50 degrees before.

With the end of this semester in sight, there are so many things to think about besides what Christmas presents we need to get. Students of every classification are beginning to stake claim on sections of the library in preparation for finals; upperclassmen are beginning to fester over applying for summer internships and registering for graduation.

For the seniors approaching graduation: I commend you. After graduation, the real world is going to be staring us in the face, so we better have something more to say to it than “You’re a lot scarier than I believed you would be.”

So forget the Christmas lists intended for Santa. It’s time to ask for the thing that we all desperately need, but are afraid we won’t receive: guaranteed employment after graduation.

Thinking of what job one may land after graduation is terrifying — especially when you hear of all the people who end up with jobs completely outside of their degree field.

According to the Washington Post, only 27 percent of college graduates are able to get a job related to their major; however, the chance of finding a job in your degree increases if you move to a big city. Big cities are known to have more job opportunities and openings for many different skill sets.

Luckily, UH is located in the fourth-largest city in the nation, which hopefully means we won’t have to travel too far to find our dream job. In addition, Forbes just named Houston one of the top four cities for middle-class job creation and economic strength.

According to an article on, Houston’s high economic standing can be credited to its business-friendly environment. However, Houston is not the only Texas city that has a high economic status. The state’s economy is reported to be seeing a growth in industries involving technical and mechanical mediums.

According to the article, Gov. Rick Perry credits Texas’ thriving economy on low taxes.

“We keep taxes low, maintain fair and predictable regulations and protect our citizens from frivolous lawsuits,” Perry said. “These free-market principles have created an environment that allows hard-working Texans to prosper.”

Largely because of the many resources within the city, Houston provides opportunities that range from medically driven to artistically driven jobs.

For each major and dream job, there will be different places students wish to go. This decision may be based on location, the specific desired company or other contributing factors.

Corporate communications junior Emelda Burton wants a job that offers good money.

“I want a job that helps pay my student loans,” Burton said. “I also want a job where I can utilize my skills that I’m going to acquire here.”

Burton said her dream job would involve marketing for a major oil and gas corporation, such as ExxonMobil or Halliburton. Statistically speaking, Houston is a good location for getting a job in this field.

“I’m going to try (to find a job here) first, but if at first you don’t succeed, look elsewhere,” she said.

Electrical engineering freshman Sebastian Aguirre also has his eyes set on the thriving oil industry. Although he recognizes the job opportunities available here in Houston, he said he would also look into options elsewhere. If he had to choose between Houston and somewhere else, he would pick somewhere else.

“I would want to go visit other places that aren’t humid,” Aguirre said.

It seems that when it comes to job opportunities, students will, if necessary, leave the city to get a job offer in their field, though Cougars are aware of the opportunities available in our own backyard.

Graduate school is another way that students are planning to keep up with the competitive nature of their fields. Other students want to see more of the world and are hoping their job will take them there.

Cougars seem to be well aware of the probable steps they will need to take to land a job in their career field of choice after graduation. Step aside, Santa; Cougars are determined to find a job for themselves this Christmas.

Senior staff columnist Kelly Schafler is a print journalism junior and may be reached at [email protected]

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