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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Concerning the comparison of Bulldog Ministries to the Westboro Baptist Church

Editor’s Note: This letter was written in regard to a recent Crossfire article that concerned the death of Westboro Baptist Church leader Fred Phelps. As a disclaimer, despite what Mr. Stokes believes, The Daily Cougar is not representative of the University of Houston administration as a whole, and the opinions expressed in the Crossfire article were only those of the writers featured. However, we do stand by our writers’ right as Americans and members of the press to express their beliefs freely.

On March 24th, The Daily Cougar compared us, Bulldog Ministries, to Westboro Baptist Church. The Daily Cougar is one of the main publications for the University of Houston. In the article they slammed us as being “bigots.”

We are not Westboro Baptist Church! Bulldog Ministries is a street-preaching ministry that preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the city of Houston and in Texas. We preach at sporting events, concerts, parks, biker events, etc. We do not preach or hold signs at anyone’s funeral … Also we are a soul-winning ministry. In Christian terms, that means we are trying to “win” people to the Christian faith.

If the official position of the University of Houston is that Bible-believing Christians are bigots because of their biblical stand on what the Bible teaches on homosexuality they need to make that clear … Be honest! Is the university really a diverse campus or does it really favor the LGBT community?

The truth is we have had major problems with the University of Houston for preaching the Gospel in free speech zones. For sharing the faith, passing out Gospel tracts and using our “Warning Sign” that we use at many events. Our “Warning Sign” is used as a tool to show folks that they have sinned and that they need a savior! The LGBT community makes no small stir when we are on the campus and they always try to get us thrown off the campus … Are we still in America? Should the Bible-believing Christian be able to share the faith on public property that is supported by our tax dollars?

If the U of H is going to favor the LGBT community and call all of the Bible-believing pastors in the great state of Texas bigots, then they need to make that clear! The Texas pastors need to know the truth … Your official stance … I attend several churches in the greater Houston area. Friends that preach with me do too … Pastors need to be able to “warn” their folks of your anti-Christian beliefs! I’m (an) active Christian street preacher that has favor with many Texas churches.

David Stokes is an evangelist preacher of Bulldog Ministries.

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