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Sunday, July 3, 2022


2014 Super Regionals: Live Updates

newsdesk | 16:06

newsdesk | 15:58

newsdesk | 15:56

newsdesk | 15:55 Montemayor flies out to left to end the game. University of Texas advances to the CWS with a 4-0 win.

newsdesk | 15:54 Lueneburg flies out to left. Cougars down to their last out of the season.

newsdesk | 15:53 Lueneburg pinch hitting for Appling.

newsdesk | 15:53 Four straight balls to Frankie Ratcliff. 2 men on 1 out for the Cougars as they attempt to rally in the 9th.

newsdesk | 15:52 Wild pitch but Curitss advances Vidales to 2nd.

newsdesk | 15:51

newsdesk | 15:50 Vidales singles to right field. 1 man on 1 out for UH.

newsdesk | 15:48 Survance drills the ball straight to the shortstop. Cougars down to their last two outs.

newsdesk | 15:46

newsdesk | 15:44 Hinojosa flies out. Cougars with the top of the order, season on the line in the top of the 9th.

newsdesk | 15:43 Carter grounds out. 2 outs in the bottom of the 8th.

newsdesk | 15:42 Barrera strikes out. Wellbrock with 2Ks in relief duty.

newsdesk | 15:39 Fulmer grounds out to third. That’s been the story of the game folks as UH strands 3 more runners.

newsdesk | 15:37

newsdesk | 15:37 Barker singles to right. Ashford Fulmer up with the bases loaded and 2 outs. Cougar season on the line.

newsdesk | 15:33 With 2 on, UT brings in Morgan Cooper to pitch.

newsdesk | 15:32 Hollis singles as well. 2 men on 2 out. Caleb Barker up to bat with 4 outs left on the Cougars’ season.

newsdesk | 15:31 Grayson singles to center field. His first hit of the super regional.

newsdesk | 15:27 Montemayor fouls out. Grayson up to bat with 2 outs.

newsdesk | 15:25 Appling popped up. 5 outs left for the Cougars.

newsdesk | 15:22 Payton grounds out. Top of the 8th we go. Cougars down to their last 6 outs.

newsdesk | 15:20 Johnson strikes out swining. 2 outs.

newsdesk | 15:19 Wellbrock gets Marlow to fly out. 1 out in B7.

newsdesk | 15:17 Chase Wellbrock coming in to pitch for UH.

newsdesk | 15:15 Ratcliff hits into a double play. Texas up to bat in the bottom of the 7th. Cougars down to 6 outs.

newsdesk | 15:15 Vidales singles. 1 on 1 out.

newsdesk | 15:14 Survance grounds out to the pitcher for the first out.

newsdesk | 15:10

newsdesk | 15:10 Robinson gets out of the inning unscathed. Texas leads 4-0 going into the 7th inning. Pitcher Duke Travis entering the game for UT. He’ll face the top of the order of UH.

newsdesk | 15:06 Robinsons strikes out Clemens. 2 on 2 out for UT in the bottom of the 6th.

newsdesk | 15:02 Shaw singles to center. 2 men on 1 out for UT.

newsdesk | 15:00 Hinojosa singles to left field. 1 on 1 out.

newsdesk | 14:59 Robinson strikes out Carter to start the inning. 1 out.

newsdesk | 14:57

newsdesk | 14:56 UT has only thrown 25 pitches against the last 12 UH hitters.

newsdesk | 14:56 Cougars’ season down to the next 9 outs.

newsdesk | 14:55 Fulmer flies out to center. Cougars strand two more.

newsdesk | 14:51 Barker flies out on the 2nd pitch. 2 outs with 2 on for Fulmer.

newsdesk | 14:51 Hollis hits a single to left field. Men on first and second for UH with 1 out. Cougars have to take advantage of their runners if they want their season to extend to tomorrow.

newsdesk | 14:49 One pitch at-bats for the last 6 Houston batters

newsdesk | 14:49 Grayson with a hard hit liner to short, but Hinojosa makes the grab. 1 out with Montemayor on first.

newsdesk | 14:48 Montemayor reaches first on a bunt. Lead off man on for UH.

newsdesk | 14:48 Houston has left seven men on base in five innings.

newsdesk | 14:46 Montemayor, Grayson, Hollis up to bat for the Cougars.

newsdesk | 14:45  Barrera grounBase Barrera grounded into double playded into double Barrera grounded into double play play

newsdesk | 14:44 Mark Payton walked again after a full count. 1 man on with 1 out for the Longhorns.

newsdesk | 14:42 Johnson grounds out to second base. Vidales makes the throw to first. 1 out, no runners.

newsdesk | 14:40 _MG_7374

Cougar fans are still having fun here in Austin.

newsdesk | 14:37 Pyeatt grounds out to the second baseman to end the inning. The Cougars have to take advantage of these situations if they’re going to come back to win.

newsdesk | 14:36 Ratcliff reaches 1st on a fielder’s choice, runner thrown out at home. 2 outs with the bases loaded for the Coogs.

newsdesk | 14:35

newsdesk | 14:35

newsdesk | 14:34 Fulmer flies out. 1 man on with 1 out for Cougars.

newsdesk | 14:33 Barker singles to start the inning for the Cougars.

newsdesk | 14:30

newsdesk | 14:25

newsdesk | 14:25 Low throw by Ratcliff gives Gurwitz a single. Cougars cannot get out of the inning. Texas with men on the corners, two outs. Jared Robinson coming in to relieve Aaron Garza.

newsdesk | 14:22 Clemens singles into center on a full count. Hinajosa scores from second. 4-0 Longhorns. Man on first with two outs in the bottom of the 4th.

newsdesk | 14:18 Shaw flies out to right, bringing Carter home to score. Texas leads 3-0, 1 man on, 2 outs.

newsdesk | 14:17 Hinojosa steals second. No throw from Barker. 2 on 1 out for the Longhorns.

newsdesk | 14:16 Hinojosa singles to right center, Carter advanced to third, Barrera & Payton scores. Texas leads 2-0 in the bottom of the fourth with 1 out. 

newsdesk | 14:13 Grounder to third, Hollis throws to home for the first out. Bases loaded, 1 out for the Longhorns.

newsdesk | 14:11 Barrera hits the perfect bunt to get on 1st. Bases loaded for Carter Madions. No outs.

newsdesk | 14:10 Garza walks Payton. Men on 1st and 2nd with 0 outs for the Longhorns.

newsdesk | 14:09 Pyeatt drops a fly ball by Johnson. Johnson stops at 2nd base. No outs in the bottom of the 4th for Mark Payton.

newsdesk | 14:03

newsdesk | 14:03 Hollis hits into a 5-4-3 double play to end the inning. Cougars strand 2. Johnson, Payton, Barrera coming up for the Longhorns.

newsdesk | 14:01

newsdesk | 14:01 French walks Grayson. Runner on 1st and 2nd with 1 out for Hollis.

newsdesk | 13:58 Pyeatt singles into right for the Cougars 2nd hit of the day. Montemayor bunts him over but throw out at first. 1 out with Pyeatt on 2nd. Grayson up to bat

newsdesk | 13:56

newsdesk | 13:53 Make that 7 straight as Marlow flies to center to end another 1-2-3 inning.

newsdesk | 13:53 Garza has retired 6 straight batters on only 13 pitches.

newsdesk | 13:52 Gurwitz attempts a bunt, played nicely by third baseman Connor Hollis. Two outs.

newsdesk | 13:51 Clemens ground out to first base. 1 out in the bottom of the third.

newsdesk | 13:48 Ratcliff grounds out to the shortstop. Still scoreless headed to the bottom of the 3rd.

newsdesk | 13:47 Vidales hits a sharp single to right field on the 10th pitch of the at bat. Cougars get their first hit in the 3rd. Two outs.

newsdesk | 13:44 Survance flies out to center. 2 outs.

newsdesk | 13:41 Fulmer with a first pitch fly out to right. 1 out with Survance coming up to bat. Cougars still hit-less in the game.

newsdesk | 13:39 Grayson with the great diving grab to throw out the runner at first and ending the inning. Houston’s defense with three great plays already.

newsdesk | 13:37 Hinojosa hits the second pitch and grounds out to third. Two outs.

newsdesk | 13:37 Carter pops out to start the inning. 1 out.

newsdesk | 13:36

newsdesk | 13:34 Barker hits the ball hard but flies out to the center fielder. Cougars strand 2. 5-6-7 up to hit for UT.

newsdesk | 13:30 French hits Hollis to walk him after a full count. Man on 1st on 2nd with two outs for Caleb Barker.

newsdesk | 13:28 Cougars get their first base runner as Grayson sees four straight balls. 2 out, man on first for the Cougars.

newsdesk | 13:27

newsdesk | 13:26 Montemayor grounds out to second. 2 outs with no one on.

newsdesk | 13:26 Pyeatt flies out to left to start the second. 1 out in the inning.

newsdesk | 13:21 Barehanded throw by Frankie Ratcliff ends the inning. 4-5-6 up for Coogs in the top of 2nd.

newsdesk | 13:19 Mark Payton gets another 1st inning hit with a single to right. Payton has reached base in 101 consecutive games.1 on with 2 outs for Texas.

newsdesk | 13:18 Vidales with a great leaping catch to get Johnson out. Two outs in the bottom of the 2nd.

newsdesk | 13:15 Deep fly out to center for Marlow. Garza gets his first batter out.

newsdesk | 13:12

newsdesk | 13:11 Three up, three down. Good start on the mound for French.

newsdesk | 13:10 Vidales grounds out to second. 2 outs in the top of the 1st. Frankie Ratcliff up to bat.

newsdesk | 13:09 Survance grounds out to start the game. 1 out in the top of the first.

newsdesk | 13:06

newsdesk | 13:04

newsdesk | 13:03

newsdesk | 13:01

newsdesk | 12:57 We’re live from Austin! Texas leads the series 1-0 after their win yesterday. We’ll be with you all day as the Cougars try to even up the series.

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