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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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Men of Moores release first iTunes single

To interweave several voices harmoniously requires dedicated skill, as each member of an a capella group contributes a crucial layer to make a song void of instruments sound as rich as possible. The Men of Moores a capella group consists of 14 members, and together they recorded and released a single on iTunes, a milestone in the group’s history. Through their dedication and hard work, they’re able to celebrate in unison the accomplishment they achieved by having a recorded song solidify the group’s talent.

Men of Moores is an extracurricular a capella group on campus at the Moores School of Music. The group performs a variety of songs from choral to pop, performing at middle schools, high schools and events all over Houston. They even appeared on KHOU’s Great Day Houston back in 2011. Their goal as a small group is to work together and recreate songs, using nothing but layers of their uniform voices.

“This group gives so many opportunities,” said music education senior Matthew Mazzola. “You get life experience, booking gigs, speaking to contacts, negotiating pricing. You get lifelong friendship with the other guys in the group. We rehearse two times a week for a total of three and a half hours and we become very close. And most of all, we get a musical experience like no other. We are a student-led group, so we all are very active in the music-making process. We aren’t afraid to suggest musical ideas to each other and that is a musical experience seldom seen in bigger groups.”

The group has always had the ability to record, but finding the money to record was an issue. Thanks to a recent gig that was a big success, the group was able to come up with the money to push them into the recording studio.

“Personally, I was thrilled,” said vocal performance and music education sophomore Jake Woodson. “It’s always been a dream of mine to be a part of recording and releasing a professional song. I think the whole group shared that sentiment and really appreciated the experience, as it’s not every day that you’re able to buy your own song on iTunes.”

Their first single is an arrangement of Radiohead’s 1992 song, “Creep.”

“It has always been one of my personal favorite songs,” Mazzola said. “I think it’s so relatable. Everyone has experienced some kind of rejection, or felt as if (they) didn’t belong, and to send that message is very important.”

“These guys are, generally, very good friends, and they are extraordinarily supportive of each other,” said Chorale Department Head Betsy Cook Weber. She oversees the group’s activities, offers them advice and helps them find rehearsal space. “As is true in any group, however, particularly one that is self-governed, there are occasionally disagreements and tensions.  It is wonderful to watch all of our student-led groups work through these issues.  These are important life lessons.”

It’s a life lesson and huge accomplishment that the group will remember and carry for years to come. It’s also exciting news for the families involved.

“My family was so excited,” Woodson said. “My parents are loyal fans of Men of Moores, and to hear that we would be releasing a single was some of the most exciting news they had heard from me all year.”

This recent success has boosted the confidence in the group as well.

“The morale of the group has already skyrocketed,” Woodson said. “Performing in concerts is so much fun, but there’s nothing concrete to live music. Having a legitimate recording of “Creep” gives us our first really concrete display of our hard work. It’s incredibly humbling to see the public’s positive reactions as well.”

The recording is just the beginning of what we can expect from the Men of Moores a capella group. As friends, they’re able to all revel in the success they achieved together. It’s an accomplishment that should bring them greater opportunities.

“I think it’s safe to say that you can expect to see and hear much more from the Men of Moores in the coming years,” Woodson said. “We’re so thankful for all of the support we’ve received thus far, and we will definitely continue to raise the bar.”

Search for Men of Moores in the iTunes music store to find their single, “Creep”. The song is also available on Amazon, Google Play and Spotify.

For more information about Men of Moores, visit their Facebook at

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