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Tuesday, September 26, 2023


Torchy’s Tacos turns up the heat to finish off summer


Torchys Tacos releases 4 specialty tacos for the month of August in an effort to turn up the heat. Conny Ramirez/ The Daily Cougar


So far only the most mild taco, The Barn Burner, has been released. Conny Ramirez/ The Daily Cougar

“Dare to go there, and dare to get burned.” This is the one of the warnings Texas chain Torchy’s Tacos gives clients that are brave enough to go try their scorching new tacos.

Torchy’s, which currently has four locations open in the Houston area and a fifth coming to a location just off Highway 249, are introducing their new “Some Like It Hot” promotion, which features one new taco being introduced weekly over the month of August. Every taco consecutively gets hotter and by the end of the month, foodies might get more heat than they bargained for.

Names like “The Barn Burner,” “Firecracker Shrimp,” “The Creeper” and “The Scalding Pig” might help customers predict what type of heat each taco will bring, but nothing can prepare them for the onslaught of spiciness. After trying the mildest taco of them all, “The Barn Burner,” one would think that the choices of ingredients, including fajita meat, various vegetables, and Torchy’s signature Diablo sauce, would amount to serious heat.

The taste coming from this taco creeps up and after a while, you have to put your taco down and take a break to get over how much heat is radiating from your mouth. The variety of flavors makes that taco tasty, but what really puts it over the top is the heat.

As far as tacos go, you cannot beat Torchy’s. Their menu has something for everyone, whether you prefer some spice or just like to keep it simple. This “Some Like it Hot” promotion is geared towards heat lovers and only the brave will survive their hottest taco, “The Scalding Pig,” which holds 36 times more peppers than their regular menu items — so hot that Torchy’s Tacos had to put warning labels on the bottom of their advertising.

Overall, you cannot beat the experience of eating at Torchy’s Tacos. The social atmosphere and quaint locations are cute and bring customers who are enjoying the experience all together. After trying some of the “Some Like It Hot” promotion tacos, however, they may feel the need to down a couple of glasses of water together as well.

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