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Sunday, May 31, 2020

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Attorney General candidate Sam Houston speaks to UH Democrats

Running for the third top office in the state of Texas, Democratic candidate for attorney general Sam Houston arrived at UH Tuesday to discuss his candidacy and, if elected, his goals for the chief lawyer of the Lone Star State.

“We invited Sam Houston because the position he is running for is so important for Texas,” said the president of the UH Democrats Tatiana Lutomski.

When the meeting started, Houston addressed the crowd and talked about putting a stop to lawsuits against President Obama, building up the Consumer Protection Division to combat payday lenders, and about his Republican opponent Ken Paxton.

“(Ken Paxton) won the Republican nomination because Ted Cruz put his arm around him,” Houston said.

Houston went on to talk about Paxton’s history of legal troubles, in which the Republican state senator out of Collin County violated state law in soliciting clients for investment firms without being registered with the Texas Securities Board. Paxton was later fined $1,000 back in May, but will not be tried until after the election.

The meeting ended with a Q&A from the audience, in which Houston answered a wide swath of questions from how he will specifically handle payday lenders, to the usage of his name “Sam Houston” in the campaign trail.

“I like him,” said junior English major Braden Root. “He has a clear vision for what he wants to do in office.”

Houston grew up in the small town of Colorado City in west Texas. He received his bachelor’s degree at University of Texas in Austin and his J.D. at Baylor Law School.

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