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Saturday, September 23, 2023


Residents say ‘Vue’ doesn’t look so nice


Still under construction, The Vue on MacGregor has been the victim of multiple construction delays. | Valli Challa/The Cougar

Molly Nelson has had enough with inadequate housing.

A transfer student from Texas Christian University, the early childhood education junior spent her first year at UH living at Cambridge Oaks. Less than impressed, Nelson chose to sign a lease at The Vue on MacGregor, a privately owned off-campus apartment complex with nearly 350 beds, where she would share a unit with three of her friends.

Her original move-in date was scheduled for Aug. 23.

After multiple notices from The Vue administration pushing back her move-in date, Nelson moved into her apartment on Saturday, six weeks after she was originally supposed to.

The Vue has been the victim of multiple construction delays which have displaced the nearly 350 students who have already signed leases to live on the property.

Residents are being moved in three sections — A, B and C — which coincide with where they live in the building.  On their website, all of the floor plans are shown to be sold out, but less than half of the complex has occupants.

“The administration was extremely unprofessional, undertrained and uncoordinated,” said political science sophomore Noah Douglas. “They sent out numerous emails, but most of them contained little to no information and mostly every response was just an apology for lateness.”

Construction issues have not been the only problems for The Vue. Spotty internet, power outages and fire alarms that at times have lasted over an hour have been constant issues for the students who have moved in.

Philosophy sophomore Austin Cumbow has experienced several issues.

“So far, every time I have called in (to report a problem) they have told me that the problem is on-site, which is usually a problem with the ongoing construction of the building,” Cumbow said.

“The other day the power was out for over five hours, and a lot of residents’ food went rotten. The Vue did reach out to them via Facebook to hopefully refund their money for their food, but I’m not sure exactly what happened with that.”

Both Nelson and Cumbow have reported their problems to The Vue’s Facebook page, only to have either their comments deleted or their profiles completely blocked, as is the case with Cumbow.

“I tried to post a review of my own, and when I clicked ‘Write a Review’ it said something like ‘You cannot review this page because you have been blocked by the admin,’ which means that essentially The Vue blocked me,” Cumbow said. “I actually had to have my dad post a review that I wrote that night so that I could leave my opinion along with a nice one-star rating.”

Calls to The Vue administration and Stacey Lecocke, the senior vice president of Grand Campus Living, which owns The Vue, went unanswered and unreturned by press time.

Even then, after multiple attempts to interact with administration and higher-ups in the company, students like Nelson just want the building to be finished and all of the drama to be over.

“It is hard to stay optimistic about something that can be compared to’ The Boy Who Cried Wolf,’ ” said Nelson.

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