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Friday, September 29, 2023


Tip Tuesday: Get your bra fitted

Around 80 percent of women aren’t wearing the right bra size, according to Nordstrom certified fit specialist Sydney Luna.

But that is easily remedied.

At Nordstrom, there are employees designated to help women with bra fitting. These certified fit specialists work with women one-on-one to ensure that their bra measurements are as accurate as possible.

The steps are as follows:

  1.  A certified fit specialist will take you into a dressing room and stay in the room with you.
  2. You will have to remove your shirt and bra to ensure accuracy.
  3. They will measure your band with measuring tape and determine cup size by eyeballing it.
  4. They then leave the dressing room to find bras for the guest to ensure a perfect fit and demonstrate why that bra fits or doesn’t.

Some general tips for bras are:

  • the center section between the cups should lie flat on the chest

    Wearing the right-sized bra will help clothes fit better and make one feel more comfortable. | Paulina Rojas / The Cougar

    Wearing the right sized bra will help clothes fit better and make one feel more comfortable. | Paulina Rojas / The Cougar

  • breasts should never bulge or spill out of the cups
  • bras should not leave lines or marks on your skin after prolonged wear

It could have gotten extremely awkward in the dressing room, but the employees are warm and are truly concerned about their client receiving the proper bra measurements.

The band sizes range from 30 to 52 and the cup sizes range from A to K.

Keep in mind that Nordstrom is fitting you to their stock. However, they have a much larger range of sizes than to other stores. Since Nordstrom has the most accurate bra measurements of stores in the United States, its bras are the way to go when shopping for new ones. However, it can get pricey.

To remedy that, the certified fit specialist will also inform you of your bra “sister size.”

Most bras are in the 32 to 44 band and A to D cup range, so to find a cheaper bra tailored to those sizes, Nordstrom recommends going up a cup size if you have to go down a band size and going up a band size if you have to go down a cup size.

We visited Dillard’s as well to determine how accurate and receptive the employees working in the women’s undergarment section were in comparison to those at Nordstrom.

The Dillard’s workers measured our bra size by wrapping the measuring tape around our chest over our shirt in public. They also eyeballed our cup size, and then told us the size so we could find bras on our own. There was not as much attention given to us overall.

Women can visit Victoria’s Secret to get their bra measurements as well, but again, they are fitting you to their stock and their range is limited, so those measurements will not be as accurate.

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