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Monday, July 4, 2022


Beyonce’s ‘7/11’ proves to be another knockout

Beyoncé can do no wrong. Her surprise “Beyoncé” album at the end of last year shocked fans. With no announcement or advertising, her album ultimately went platinum and put her on top of the world. Her latest single “7/11,” is another showing of her greatness.

“7/11” is sure to be the song that will be played at every party. There is no transparency; Beyoncé is straight to the point. She sings “spinning with my hands up,” it is clear this is meant to be a fun track.

The track quickly gets to the climax with no intro. A unique approach, as many artists would not be able to draw the interest of people into the song if they attempted this. Beyoncé has no intention of letting up on the fun- loving dance atmosphere that she brings to the table.

The track is a constant set of instructions, similar to other dance anthems.Beyonce_at_Barclays_Center_2013

While Beyoncé typically imbues her lyrics with meaning, “7/11” shows no sign of that. The lack of depth to the lyrics only makes the song more interesting. While most artists are criticized for the lack of depth, Beyoncé is able to get away with this because she consistently has depth to her music.

The music video is just as intriguing as her lyrics. No big production, just a simple homemade video and Beyoncé is still able to make it interesting. Music videos have been saturated with high budget productions, yet fail to make an impression. It is the simplicity of “7/11” that makes it so enjoyable. It feels organic, as if this is how Beyoncé has fun in her off time.

Beyoncé is the queen of the hill. Her “7/11” track proves that she may never come down from the apex hype and fame that she has created for herself. She continuously meets the expectations that her fans have for her. Anything she touches is gold in the eyes of her fans, and “7/11” is gold.

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