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Friday, September 29, 2023

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‘Glass Mountain’ tackles hurdles head on

Managing a student-run publication can be a challenge, and undergraduate-run literary journal “Glass Mountain” is no different, even though it publishes once a semester.

“It is very hectic for us, and we are constantly dealing with deadlines,” said co-managing editor and creative writing senior Shania Fraizer. “It gets more and more hectic as the semester closes.”

This semester, there have been new opportunities for the journal to get its name out and build a bigger audience.

“We have a class now for journal editing, and it has made it a lot easier to communicate and coordinate what we are going to do with the journal,” Fraizer said. “Having the class also gives us a lot more opportunities to expand.”

The publication held its biggest fundraiser, Write-a-Thon, last month, and it raised about $10,000 — not too far short of its initial goal of $12,000.

“It is typically how much money we raise every year,” Fraizer said.

Glass Mountain hosts readings throughout the school year. Some are held on campus while others are held on campus. These help build the journals audience and gets their name out in the commiunity. Usually the journal provides refreshments during these events. |  Courtesy of Glass Mountain

‘Glass Mountain’ hosts readings throughout the school year. Some are held on campus, while others are held around the city. These readings help build the journal’s audience and get its name out in the community. | Courtesy of Glass Mountain

Giving staffers incentives helps keeps spirits high through the year, especially during fundraisers and special events.

“We try to give our staffers incentives since we cannot pay them… like getting free access to the Boldface convention which is typically $100 per person,” Fraizer said.

The proceeds of Write-a-thon go to cover the costs of the conference.

The journal also hosts a reading series that many students are unaware of. The readings are held on and off campus.

“We usually have a graduate student, one staff member and one community member read. We also always end with an open mic, which is a big crowd-pleaser,” Fraizer said. “Readings are starting to pick up this semester, but they usually have a low turnout.  They do not think it can be a fun event.”

Even for those who are not studying creative writing, “Glass Mountain” provides a unique outlet for experiences.

“It is a platform for undergraduates and emerging writers,” said Fraizer. “It gives people the opportunity to get their feet wet.”

The journal is always looking for new talent regardless of major or classification.

Interested students should apply at

[email protected]

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