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Saturday, December 2, 2023


President Obama’s positive impact on American history


Obama’s presidency represents the evolution of America. | Savannah Canales/The Cougar

When President Barack Obama began campaigning in 2006, many thought his presidency would never come to fruition. Some even called his presidential terms a miracle.

The hate for Obama is real.

Since the beginning of Obama’s first term, he has continually created ground-breaking moments.

Many slight Obama on his continuous success by refusing to acknowledge his landmarks, but the groundbreaking change in laws and the relief many middle-class Americans feel are proof that he has done great things.

“This is what a successful presidency looks like,” said Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman in Rolling Stone. “No president gets to do everything his supporters expected him to.”

During Obama’s presidency, student loan tax rates fell, gay marriage was legalized, health care laws were dramatically changed, and he continues to deliver some of the most powerful speeches anyone has ever heard.

“I think president Obama is incredible,” kinesiology sophomore Michael Upkong said. “I think sometimes people don’t respect him, because of their personal views…. I feel like he broke down this stereotype of ‘Presidents have to be this and they have to talk and walk like that’ and all those other things people think a president should do,” said Michael Upkong kinesiology sophomore.

Obama’s legacy goes beyond political decisions. He is relatable because he connects with most of today’s youth.

He was the struggling college student. He was the kid that was raised by his grandparents and grew up without a father.

He was the small-town kid with big dreams and was the one black student in most of his Harvard classes but, through it all, he overcame every circumstance.

Events that occurred in the White House over the past six years have never happened in history. Most recently, the White House lit up as a rainbow in support of gay marriage — something that has never done before.

Obama’s presidency represents the evolution of America. Although the U.S. has so much further to go, the groundbreaking moment of a black man swearing into the Oval Office can never be forgotten.

Opinion columnist Faith Alford is a journalism junior and may be reached at [email protected].


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