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Sunday, August 14, 2022


Free neuter and spay services for animals

Animals can now get neutered and spayed for no cost.

Because of the rapidly increasing population of stray animals on Houston streets, the Bureau of Animal Regulation and Control Animal Shelter and Adoptions Facility is offering complimentary services to students and residents of the Third Ward, this Saturday at the Sunnyside Multi-Service Center off Cullen Boulevard.

“I absolutely agree (that) the population needs to be under control,” leadership and supervision junior Bianca Borden said.

According to an article from the Houston Chronicle, approximately 70 percent of the animals in Harris County were euthanized in 2014. The National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy reports that 71 percent of the cats and kittens that enter animal shelters across America are put down as well.

Biology senior Guadalupe Orozco said she is excited about the service event and plans to take her Chihuahua to get fixed.

“We have a huge stray problem, and I am glad there are organizations doing something about it,” Orozco said.

Spaying and neutering not only helps combat overpopulation caused by unregulated breeding, but it also increases their quality of life.

Neutered male dogs live 18 percent longer than their counterparts and spayed female dogs live 23 percent longer than their counterparts, according to a USA Today article.

The Humane Society reported that females who are spayed before their first heat are typically healthier while males who are neutered eliminate their risk of testicular cancer and lower their risk of prostate cancer.

“I wish more people would spay (and) neuter their pets,” anthropology senior Ariel Ehrman said.  “I hated putting my dog through it, but in the long run it’s the right thing to do, especially if you have animals that are outside pets or who you don’t always keep an eye on.”

The pet wellness service event will be open to Houston residents who present an ID and a bill including a City of Houston address. Pets should be at least 4 months or older. Owners should have leashes for their dogs and carriers or pillow cases for their cats.

Check-in begins at 6:30 a.m.

BARC will hold the event for two more days on Tuesday and Sept. 25.

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