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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

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SFAC releases budget recommendations for FY17

The Student Fees and Advisory Committee released their recommendations for FY17 Wednesday and proposed a student fee increase of 2 percent, which would bring the Student Service Fee to $255 from $250.

While some organization’s requests for additional funding were approved, many other groups were denied.

SFAC board member and third year law student Nathan Alsbrooks said the process of deciding on which groups to fund is grueling and takes a lot of effort from everyone on the board.

“The most difficult aspect is working with limited resources to achieve the greatest possible benefit for the student body,” Alsbrooks said. “Fiscal responsibility and the many meritorious requests for funding have to always be balanced. We would love to fund everything, but that is simply impractical and impossible. We have to make challenging decisions.”

Alsbrooks said the largest amount of funding went to Counseling and Psychological Services to fund two new positions.

“The mental health and well being of our students has to be a touchstone priority, and I’m glad the committee agreed,” Alsbrooks said. “One student unable to access or receive the help they need can cause a rippling effect that creates turmoil for everyone. The student body will be well served by investing our resources to ensure CAPS is comparable to similar programs at other Texas universities.”

Alsbrooks said a big project they were unable to fund was the renovation of the A.D. Bruce Religion Center’s roof. The funds needed to make the repairs would have required a $9 increase in the student fee.

“I would urge every student to recognize this process was deliberative and grueling,” Alsbrooks said. “No single person agreed with every decision that was made, but the decisions reflect a range of opinions reflective of our diverse student body.”

The committee still has to meet with President and Chancellor Renu Khator and Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Services Richard Walker to discuss the recommendations. That meeting will occur later this month.

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